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What Is a Komondor Dog: Appearance, Temperament, and Other Characteristics

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Do you know a breed of dog that looks like a mop? It is a Komondor breed. This is a big dog, so containing it in the apartment can be problematic. The best conditions for it would be a country house with a fenced territory. In addition, at the expense of wool, Komondor can sleep on the street. We will definitely tell you absolutely everything you need to know about the dog of this breed. Enjoy reading!

Komondor Dog Breed Information

  • Origin: Hungary;
  • Height: 25-28 inches;
  • Weight: 75-100 pounds;
  • Breed for: sheep guarding;
  • Coat: long with a white double, corded and curly.
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years.

What Is a Komondor Dog (Hungarian sheepdog)?

what is a hungarian sheepdog?

Komondor is a large, white-colored breed, referred to as “mop dogs”. Where is the Komondor dog from? The predecessors of Komondors were delivered to Hungary from the territory near the Black Sea the ancestors of Hungarian Magyars. Dogs were used to protect the Otar sheep from predatory animals. Hungarians used dogs exclusively for practical purposes and did not work in especially breeding. However, the purity of the Komondor lines is no doubt because crossing with other dogs is not typical of the Hungarian dog. It was officially recognized in 1937.

Komondor Temperament

Komondor is a smart, observant, and intelligent dog. Modern breed representatives are good and affectionate pets who are devoted to the owner and are well referring to children. But to other pets and outsiders, they can show aggression. Moreover, protect its territory and protect the family in which it lives, Komondor would be regardless of the desire or reluctance of the owner. It needs a calm and self-confident owner who can earn respect for the animal. The dog of this breed is very obedient, balanced, and peace-loving/ However, if it feels that something is wrong,it may take alertness and not execute commands. Learning should be started from an early age. Representatives of this breed are very hardy, they love active games and need serious physical exertion. Boredom and long loneliness can negatively affect their behavior.

What Does a Komondor Dog Look Like?

What Does a Hungarian sheepdog Look Like?

Komondor has unique wool. The whole body of the dog is covered with short-lived braids that grow and form throughout life. Puppies are born with curly short fur, cords begin to twist after the first molting and acquire the corresponding appearance only to 2 years. In the length, woolen braids can reach 10-12 inches. Because of such long wool, the question often arises: “How do Komondors see”? They see very well. Wool does not bother them. Such a dense white coat acts as a temperature regulator: it warms it in the frost, in the heat — shelters from the sun and does not allow it to overheat. What about Komondor shedding? The dog of this breed does not shed, and it is not necessary to comb. It does not have an order smell like other dogs. Such a feature allows the Komondor to skillfully mask under one of the sheep.

Hungarian sheepdog (Komondor) Size

The male dog is 28 inches high and weighs near 90-100 pounds. The female dog — 25-26.5 inches and weighs 75-80 pounds. However, Komondor size can be bigger.

Komondor Health and Care

Komondors often suffer from the deformation of the hip joint. This violation can cause strong suffering to the pet because in the severe form it significantly limits its mobility. Due to the improper structure of the joint, its internal friction increases, which leads to the destruction of the articular tissue. External signs are lameness, gait changes, low mobility. Treatment is carried out by drugs that slow down the degradation of the joint tissue, or surgically, up to the replacement of the joint. Another commonly observed disease is entropy violation, in which the eyelashes rub the eye cornea. It leads to inflammation. By the way, dogs with such a defect do not take part in reproduction. How long does a Komondor dog live? Treatment is carried out surgically. With proper care and regular visits to the veterinarian, life expectancy is 10-12 years.

How to Take Care?

Over the years, the wool becomes long and thick and needs care. However, it is impossible to comb. You would need to independently disassemble the wool manually. Water procedures should not be carried out too often. Strikes once a year would also be enough. Pay attention to the care of ears and eyes, as dirt from wool can get into them and cause inflammation.

Komondor Dog Facts

Hungarian sheepdog Dog Facts
  • The dog can be aggressive with other dogs.
  • A high fence is required to prevent your dog’s attempt to expand its territory.
  • The dog is ideal for the protection of livestock and guard at home.
  • The dog of this breed is needed a human company. Without it, a pet can become aggressive.
  • This is one of the most expensive breeds of dogs in the world.

This is a majestic and devoted creation with a unique appearance. Walking with your dog, you would hear the enthusiastic exclamations of passersby. Of course, such a major long-haired dog requires a lot of effort, but it is worth it. After all, you would find a faithful friend and defender. Are there happy owners of the Komondor breed among our readers? And how do you think what name can suit the most? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!


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