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What Is the Best Kid-Friendly Dog and What to Look for When You Choose It from the Top List

dogs that are great with babies

If you decide to have a dog, but you have children, this does not mean that your desire is not feasible. Many breeds can be great friends with your entire family. And if you properly train one of the best dog breeds for families with kids, then you can not be afraid to leave the pet with your child. On the pages of our blog, you can learn not only about nutrition and health tips for your four-legged friend, but also get help in choosing a pet.

How to Choose Kid-Friendly Dogs?

A dog is not only a loyal friend and protector, but also a good psychologist. Therefore, many experts are convinced of the benefits of dogs for children. Indeed, many dog breeds are optimistic by nature and convey their positive attitude to their owners. Therefore, your child will be able to calm down and develop a sense of responsibility. However, some dogs are aggressive in temperament, and it’s not all about training. Therefore, be sure to consider the following aspects if you want dog breeds that are good with kids:

  • The temperament of the dog should not be aggressive. Desirable qualities include friendliness and patience.
  • Dogs grow faster, and you should take this into account when choosing a breed. Here we will not be able to give you advice, since this is an individual choice and much depends on other factors. Because a small dog can be knocked over by your child, and a large dog can push your child while playing.
  • The sex of the future baby-friendly dogs is also an individual choice. Dog handlers have an opinion that female dogs have a softer character, they are more affectionate, more attached to their owner. Male dogs usually look more spectacular, and their health and psychological state do not depend on the period of estrus and pregnancy. The gender of your future dog is not so critical.
  • If your child is allergic, be sure to test the reaction to dog allergens in the laboratory. Also, check with your allergist to find one of the hypoallergenic good dogs for kids.
  • Most dogs tend to protect their family members from potential threats. Too much dog care has its downsides. Just because your dog treats your family members well doesn’t mean it will treat strangers the same way. Therefore, if you have trained your dog to protect the child, then try to be nearby for walks. Imagine a situation, a child is playing tag, another child is chasing him/her. The dog may not correctly analyze the situation and rush to “help”. As a result, other children may be scared and hurt.

What Is the Best Kid-Friendly Dog?

We have prepared different breed variants for you, which combines a good attitude towards children. We hope you can choose a reliable protector and friend for your family. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it is a small or large breed, because a loyal defender will always rush to your protection.


good dogs for kids

What is the best dog breed for babies and toddlers? Look at Poodle. Weight and height depend on the breed subtype. It is usually 10 to 15 inches and 5 to 70 pounds. This dog has earned itself fame for its kind disposition and high intelligence. It will be interesting for the child to play with his/her pet in the fresh air. You may not be afraid that the dog will show aggression towards an active child, as Poodles are very patient. If your child is already older and understands well how to behave with an animal, then you can pay attention to the larger types of this breed. We will also be happy to help you with a name for the Poodle and read more information about Poodle.

Bichon Frise

kid-friendly dogs

What is the best small dog for a child? This is a playful dog of the Bichon Frise breed. Dogs weigh about 7-12 pounds and are 9-12 inches tall. These miniature dogs will not be able to harm your baby while playing, and may even help to take the first steps. Children’s energy and charm of this breed will endear your baby to it. They easily find a common language with their owners and lend themselves to any training.

Labrador Retriever

baby-friendly dogs

It is one of the most popular family dogs. The height of this breed is near 21-24 inches and the weight is 55-80 pounds. These dogs love children and can be good babysitters. They have kind and cheerful personalities. If you decide to have such a dog while your child is still young, then be careful. It is best to think about such a four-legged friend when the child is already 4 and above. The reason is that it is a large breed of dog. Therefore, during an active game or simply rejoicing at the arrival of your child, these top kid-friendly dogs will not calculate their strength and size and will carry the baby. Read more about Labrador Retriever.

Golden Retriever

most popular family dogs

They are the friendliest dogs for babies. Their average height is 21-24 inches, and their weight is 55-75 pounds. Sociable and very loyal golden dog, with excellent patience for childish pranks. In addition, it gets along well with other pets. Dogs of this breed are very energetic and love water. Therefore, such a dog can swim with your child but always under your supervision. It is not only the best breed of dog for children but also an excellent guide and helper for people with disabilities.


dogs that are good with small children

It can be the best puppy for a small child. Furthermore, it weighs 20-25 pounds, and its height is 13-15 inches. This breed is friendly and intelligent. Such a pet will easily establish contact with children and also act as a guard dog for your child. However, due attention will need to be paid to exercise because of loud barking, which can wake the child up. By the way, this breed is very popular and every year in April millions of owners celebrate National Beagle Day.


top kid-friendly dogs

It is one of the best child-friendly dogs. The height of this breed is 10-13 inches and the weight is 14-18 pounds. These dogs are very friendly and patient, require a lot of attention, and are very attached to their owners. Pugs love to play and train well. However, the games should not be too long and the walks should not be in the hot sun, as breathing problems may occur. You can read more about this breed here, as well as pick a Pug name. By the way, this breed sheds a lot, so make sure that the child is not allergic.

Cocker Spaniel

best child-friendly dogs

Medium size dogs are good with children as small and big. Active and fun Cocker Spaniels are very trainable, child-loving, and curious. Their height is 14-15 inches and their weight is near 23-28 pounds.

St. Bernard

the best breed of dog for children

Are you looking for dogs that are great with babies? Instead of its big size, it can be a good choice. It is also known as a rescue dog. St. Bernard is a dog with a kind heart, boundless love for family, willingness to defend its owner. Read more about this breed here.

What other dogs that are good with small children do you know? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We hope it was interesting for you. And see you soon on the pages of our blog, don’t miss updates!

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