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Jack Russell Terrier Breed: History, Characteristics, and How to Take Care of a Dog

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It has been a dream of many to have a dog since childhood. Sometimes people immediately know what breed they want.  However, not everyone has this certainty.  Honestly, the more correct approach is to conduct research. You only need the Internet for it. Today we will tell you about the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

You will be able to find out the history of origin, features of the breed, and what kind of care is required for such a pet. After that, you can decide if this dog breed is right for you. Remember that choosing a pet is a responsible task. Why? You need to take into account both your character and the dog in order to understand whether you can get along. And if you have children, it is important to choose a friendly dog ​​that gets along with them. Enjoy the reading!

Jack Russell Terrier Breed: Info about Origin

jack russell terrier dog

There is no exact date of origin of this breed. However, the description of their ancestors is still in Roman chronicles.  When such a situation arises, then genetics come to the rescue. According to more perfect documentary evidence, John “Jack” Russell is directly related to the emergence of this breed. Who is this man?  He was a priest with a passion for hunting and dog breeding for it. If you look at the first Jack Russell Terrier dog today, then the similarity is noticeable only in color.  Further development is associated with the name Arthur Heinemann. If you ask about the author of the breed that we all love and are used to seeing in our time, then this is him. In the middle of the 19-th century, dog breed Jack Russell Terrier began to be crossed with dachshunds and Welsh Corgi. As a result, not only “classic” but also short-legged animals began to appear. 

When these dogs found themselves on the Green Continent, the The Australians became interested in the breed and decided to take part in its development as well. Despite such a long history, the breed became official only in 1900. The British type was different from the Australian type but they were still combined into one. The breeders were not happy and fought for separation. And after 101 years they were heard and two standards were adopted: for the Parson Russell Terrier and for the Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics

jack russell terrier's weight

It is a recognizable and popular breed of dog. With this pet, you will not be bored.  However, before we learn more about the active lifestyle of this dog, let’s answer an equally important question. What does a Jack Russell Terrier dog look like?

It is a small but sturdily built dog. The silhouette of the body is strictly rectangular, elongated. Jack Russell Terrier’s size depends on the type, purpose of use, and area of ​​residence. They are 10 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. And dogs that are 10 to 12 inches tall and taller than they are known as Shorty. As for the other characteristics look below.

Nose, Ears, and Eyes

The nose is neat with a black lobe. The nostrils are well developed and well open.  The eyes are almond-shaped and dark. Not protruding, the eyelids are close to the eyeball and darkened along the edge. The ears look like “buttons” or droop. They are small and crooked in front. Extremely flexible, can be rotated 180 °. The tips are V-shaped.

How Big Do Jack Russell Terriers Get?

We have already discussed the size of this breed. On average, they are small to medium in size. However, how big the dog will be influenced by other factors, such as the torso, legs, weight, etc. Small loin but muscular. Also, despite the narrow back, she is quite strong. The chest is not wide. The front legs are straight, but the hind legs are much stronger. And Jack Russell Terrier’s weight is 17-17 pounds. As you can notice, it is not a huge breed.

Jack Russell Terrier: Temperament

Jack Russell Terrier is an active breed of dog that does not like to sit still for a long time. It requires physical play and frequent walks. If you are looking for a loyal friend, then this breed is perfect. Your pet will be very attached to you. However, pay great attention to parenting and training. In an attempt to get more of your attention, the dog may be specializing to spoil things and wait for your reaction. Do not forget that these dogs exhibit a high degree of intelligence. Therefore, you can alternate commands in the learning process. Your pet can handle this easily. If you still have small children, then you should not win this dog. And be careful when training your puppy, as gaps can cause future aggression. With other animals in the house, representatives of this breed get along badly because of the hunter’s genes. Even despite their small size, they will try to dominate.

Jack Russell Terrier: Information about Health and Care

jack russell terrier breed

Dogs of this breed are in good health but this does not mean that they cannot get sick. Therefore, do not neglect regular visits to the veterinarian and read the information in the “Health” section. Jack Russell Terrier’s life span is 10-15 years. However, this is subject to proper care. Grooming a dog’s coat won’t be a hassle. Buy a specialty toothpaste as recommended by your veterinarian and brush your teeth at least once a week. Also remember to check the condition of your ears and clean them if necessary. But at the expense of nutrition, this breed is not picky.
When you know about Jack Russell Terrier, you can come to one of two conclusions: “Oh, I want such a friend”! Or “Hmm, I have got a cat, maybe they can’t be friends”! Share in the comments, if you have a dog of this breed. Thank you for reading to the end. See you soon!


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