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Is Pineapple OK for Dogs or Is It a Dangerous Mistake | Read and Find Out the Answer

is pineapple ok for dogs

Can you eat the same porridge every day? Most probably not. That is why we often want to supplement the food ration of pets with something tasty and healthy. What associations do you have with the phrase “dog and pineapple”? Perhaps you thought this was some kind of a joke because a dog cannot eat pineapple. Anyway, is pineapple ok for dogs? After reading this article, you can answer this question. And also understand what benefits or harm pineapple can do to your dog’s body. Enjoy reading!

Can You Feed Dogs Pineapple?

Before giving your dog something new that it has never tried before, always check with your veterinarian first. Feel free to ask about pineapple. After all, dogs can eat it, since pineapple is not toxic. However, everything should be in measure. You don’t eat 1 kg of candy at a time, do you? Be sure to keep an eye on your dog if given a taste of pineapple. The thing is that the body may not be ready for such food and the dog may have an upset stomach. This initial reaction does not always mean that pineapple is contraindicated for your dog. After the examination, the veterinarian will explain the reason to you. It is possible that you just went overboard with the serving size. If with the dogs we found out the answer to the question, can puppies have pineapple? Of course, they also can. However, you should be more careful with it and consult your veterinarian. Now let’s figure out in what form pineapple can be given to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Pineapple or Fresh Is Better?

Pineapple can be a good ingredient in one of your dog’s meals. Fresh pineapple is most often added and this is much healthier. However, you can add canned pineapple, but remember that canned fruits contain sweeteners, which can be harmful to your dog’s health.

When giving your dog a fresh pineapple, be sure to only feed the pulp after slicing it. This will make it easier for you to follow the rate that your veterinarian advises. The peel is not the edible part. Quite often, dogs are given frozen fruit to ease the teething process or cool off in hot weather. Frozen pineapple can also be such a fruit. However, the dog must remain under your control when eating a frozen treat. Dried pineapples for dogs can be harmful treats. Pineapple contains sugar. And dried fruits are known to be less than fresh fruits but the sugar content remains the same. Imagine that one dog ate 200 grams of fresh pineapple and another 200 grams of dried pineapple. So, the percentage of sugar in dried fruits will be one and a half times, if not more.

Is Pineapple Safe for Dogs to Eat?

If you decide to give your dog some pineapple to dilute the diet, it is not only safe but also beneficial. Pineapple will help strengthen your dog’s immune system and help regulate fluid balance in the body. And the minerals contained in pineapple are like additional vitamins for the skin and coat.

Interesting fact! If your dog starts eating pineapple, it will stop eating its feces. Unfortunately, this is more a myth than truth. After all, there is no official confirmation of such a theory.

Can you give dogs pineapple? Without any doubt, you can. We even recommended diluting the diet with this fruit.

Why Is It Believed That Pineapple Is Dangerous for a Dog?

dog and pineapple

Pineapple isn’t just made up of nutrients, is it? The high sugar content can be a real problem if you do not adhere to some rules:

  • pineapple is only 10% of the diet and not a complete meal;
  • adjust the portion according to the weight and age of your pet;
  • if you have a question: “Can my dog have pineapple”? You should ask your veterinarian.

Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to diseases such as diabetes.

By the way, are dogs allergic to pineapple? Yes, dogs are. That is why we remind you more than once how important it is for the veterinarian to take an active part in the recommendations for dog nutrition. This can save not only from disease but also from death.

Delicious Recipes to Please Your Dog

You can make nutritious yogurt or pineapple juice. You can also bake pineapple with molasses. How to mix the ingredients and how much to bake in time, we’re sure you know. However, we want to suggest a list of products required for such a recipe.

You will need 230-250 g fresh pineapple, 25 ml olive oil, 33-35 ml molasses, 1 large chicken egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar,1 ½ teaspoon baking powder, ¼ teaspoon baking soda, and 200 g flour.

For another recipe, you will need to mix such ingredients: 280-300 g fresh or frozen pineapple, 1 cooked and mashed sweet potato, 200 g brown rice flour, and near 100 g of oats. We hope that our article helped you answer the question: “Can dogs have pineapples”? And the question: “Is pineapple safe for dogs”? will not arise in your head again. The only things that you have to do are check the allowable amount and be sure that your dog is not allergic. Whether you have already given pineapple to your dog or are just about to, share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end and see you again soon!

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