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International Guide Dog Day: Support Guide Dogs and Celebrate It with Us on April, 28

national guide dog day

Nowadays, technological progress allows people with disabilities not to feel infringed on their rights. And specially trained dogs become sight or hearing for such people. Therefore, it is important to appreciate the work of guide dogs at least once a year. Very soon, on April 28, 2021, an International Guide Dog Day will take place. Let us tell you about it in detail.

Guide Dog Day: History and Importance

Written confirmation of the existence of guide dogs at the beginning of our century is shown in the figures. It was discovered in the excavations of Pompeii. Great Britain, one of the first countries that officially enshrined the status of such dogs at the legislative level. However, professional training began only in the 20th century. It took 76 years from the establishment of the Association of Guide Dogs for the Blind (1934) to the establishment of legal protection for people who need help with such dogs. Since 2010, a National Guide Dog Day has been established to draw the attention of others to how guide dogs and their trainers are changing thousands of lives.

Interesting fact! During World War I, soldiers who lost their sight were helped by dogs. Therefore, blind and visually impaired veterans of the Second World War were provided with guide dogs. The difference is that after 1945 such dogs were trained better. A guide dog can help to orientate in the terrain and morally support a person.

How to Join the Celebration?

international guide dog day

This day is celebrated both nationally and internationally. The best way to celebrate it is to be supportive of these dogs. Are you wondering how?

Show interest in what they are doing. There are rules on the Association’s website, study them.

  • Find a local guide dog training organization and donate money. A full course of study lasts 2 years and costs about $ 25,000. Therefore, if at least 1000 people donate $ 25 each, one blind person will have an assistant.
  • If you want to buy a dog, then it is better to take a dog that has not coped with the training. Indeed, not all dogs pass. However, it does not mean that something is wrong with the dog. You understand that it is a responsibility to accompany a blind person. Therefore, even the slightest doubt of the trainers should be taken into account.
  • Make a post on social networks so that as many people as possible know what to do on April, 28.

We are grateful to our readers for being with us. Very soon we will meet again on the pages of our blog. Happy Guide Dog Day!

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