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If Pets Had Thumbs Day: History and Celebration in 2021

if cats had thumbs

Mutual understanding is an important aspect in relationships not only with people but also with pets. Let us assume that you have regretted more than once that you cannot talk to your pet to better understand it, and just communicate. Nobody can forbid you to dream, can you? What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day? You will find out that you are united with other dreamers by a national day If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Enjoy reading the article!

The History of If Pets Had Thumbs Day and Tips of Its Celebration

Two smart and funny guys had pets and a passion for coming up with extraordinary holidays. They noticed how our pets are addicted to people for simple things. For example, open a can of food, change the water in a bowl, and even open doors to go out for a walk. The first idea of creating such a day when all owners of cats and dogs can imagine different things that pets can do due to opposable thumbs was in 1995. With such an opportunity, pets can help in household chores, who knows?

When and How Celebrate If Pets Had Thumbs Day 2021?

The celebration is coming soon! Already on March 3, 2021, you can plunge into the festive atmosphere and have fun with your pet. If you do not know what to do on If Pets Had Thumbs Day or want to learn new ways, then we are happy to share information with you.

  • If cats had thumbs, it could show the thumbs up in approval. But why not teach your pet high-five? This is a fun way of spending time that will delight you and the cat will perceive it as a game.
  • Dogs with opposable thumbs would be able to bring more things during play or everyday life. Playing with the dog is even a necessity so that the pet can throw out all its energy on the street. To bring a toy to the owner, the dog uses its mouth. Let’s practice this command on March 3.
  • Make a list of unusual and interesting things your pet would do if pets had thumbs. Share your list with other pet owners. Make a list of unusual and interesting things that your pet would do if he had fingers. Share your list with other pet owners. Discuss which items are the same and which ones surprised you.

Our Short but Funny List If Pets Had Thumbs

if pets had thumbs day

We will be glad to join you on the day of If Pets Had Thumbs Day 2021. And we want to share our ideas. Perhaps something will coincide with yours, let’s discuss it in the comments.

  1. You can’t spend 24/7 at home with your pet, but online communication can give you no reason to worry. You do not have to remember what products you need to buy, your cat or dog will write you a list.
  2. Sometimes you can quarrel with pets, can’t you? Imagine that you are returning from work, and your pet is offended, collected your things, and left them at the door with a note: “We need to live separately for a while!”

Such funny and sometimes strange situations can be a lot. It all depends on your imagination. You can dream not only on If Pets Had Thumbs Day. However, it is great when such a holiday exists. Thanks for reading our blog, see you soon and don’t forget about our Patreon!

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