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How To Wean Your Puppy From Biting

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Did a puppy bite you during a game? He didn’t hurt you intentionally. Dogs bite each other all the time during a game and uneducated puppies have the same habit of behaving with their owners. It’s your job to explain to your pet that he shouldn’t do this. Don’t turn into a formidable puppy mentor, but be his favorite host and best friend. In this article, you’ll learn how to gently wean your puppy from biting.

Do Not Be Aggressive With Your Puppy

It is the first and most important rule. Negative emotions have never been successful in puppy upbringing but can irrevocably damage the relationship between owner and pet.

You should correct unwanted behavior from an early age to prevent your puppy from biting your hands or feet. Many owners encourage bites as they play, and then complain about their pets. Try special toys for playing with your dog. Your puppy should bite them instead of your hands and feet!

‘Reeducate’ Biting

If he’s already been biting, ‘reeducate’ him as early as possible. The sooner you start to correct his behavior, the higher your chances of success. And it’s also important to be consistent. When you’re raising a puppy, don’t give him any indulgence.

Scream “Ouch!” and stop playing immediately when the puppy bites you. Turn around or exit the room, leaving him alone. Stop playing and ignoring him will help to let him know that he’s done something wrong. Resume the game in about 15 seconds. Praise and encourage him for good behavior and repeat the previous action if he bites you again.

Adjust Playing Time, Set the Schedule

If you don’t want to play at this time, place him in a special dog cage. He needs to learn that there’s a certain amount of playtime available.

Stock up on a variety of toys and rotate them to keep him interested. Pet stores offer such interesting and useful bite toys that your hands and feet will not be able to withstand the competition!

What Not To Do?

And here are the classic mistakes of beginner owners: physical punishment, screams, pushing away, and clamping the mouth. There’s only one result: your pet will start to be afraid of you and stop trusting you. Besides, it’s just cruel.

Remember that a puppy is like a child and needs you to understand and protect him. Don’t deceive that trust.

Have a nice and effective upbringing process!

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