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How To Train the “Come” Command?

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“Come!” is on the list of the basic commands that every dog should know. Walking and communicating between master and dog is difficult to imagine without this command. At what age can my dog learn this command and how to teach it?

Ideally, the command of “Come!” – is a guaranteed way of calling your dog to you no matter what is distracting it at the moment. It allows you to control and regulate your dog’s behavior and makes it much easier for your dog to interact with the world and society around him.

The “Come!” command is easy for your dog to learn. Both an adult dog and a puppy can learn this command: from 2-3 months of age. However, when you start training, remember that there must be a trusting contact between the dog and the owner for a good result. Also, the pet must already respond to the name.

The Learning Algorithm of the “Come!” Command

“Come” command training begins with feeding, as food is the most powerful incentive for the dog. Grab a bowl of food, get your dog’s attention by calling name, and give a “Come!” command. When your dog approaches, praise him and place the bowl on the floor for him to eat. Our goal at this stage is to give your dog a strong association of approaching you with the “Come” command. Of course, in the future, this command will work without food.

Repeat This Command Several Times Before Each Meal

During the first lessons, the dog should be in your sight, and you should be in his. Over time, call your dog from another room or hallway. Then try the command when your dog is chewing on a toy or communicating with another family member. Ideally, the request should work regardless of what your dog is doing at a particular moment. Your dog should always come up to you on command. But, of course, everything should be within reason: do not disturb a sleeping or dining dog.

After about 5-6 lessons, you can go on to training your dog to take command as he walks. The algorithm is about the same as for feeding. When your dog is about ten steps away from you, call his name to attract attention, and say “Come” command. If he comes up to you, praise him, and be sure to give him a treat. If he ignores, stay where you are, and get his attention. Don’t move towards your dog — he should come to you himself.

Don’t repeat the exercise more than five times within one walk, or your dog will lose interest, and training will be ineffective.

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