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How To Train a Dog To Stay off the Bed?

dog in bed

Faithful dog and owner are always alike. They play, walk, eat, and sometimes even sleep together. A dog can adopt the habits of the people around him. One of these habits that can be very annoying to you is, of course, sleeping on your bed. The beloved pet will ignore his bedding and prefer to sleep on your pillow until you stop him.

Of course, some people will not see a problem with this behavior. These are owners of small dogs of ornamental breeds who are more likely to be in the bathroom than in the mud. However, the coat, discharge, and other dirt that your dog carries make him unhygienic in bed. At the same time, breaching the owner’s boundaries makes the dog in bed an equivalent member of the pack, which violates the owner’s authority. It is better to correct such behavior and sleep separately. Read our bits of advice on how to keep dog off the bed.

Puppies Jumping on the Bed

If you’ve just brought a new member into the house, set the rules right away. It’s easier to educate a dog than to retrain him. Don’t let your pet jump on your bed from day one. In every article, we write about the importance of consistent training. So if you decide your dog is sleeping separately, don’t let him lie next to you when you’re in a good mood. Remember, the most effective way to discourage a dog from jumping on the bed is not to show him that it is possible to do so from the start.

Give Your Dog an Alternative

dog sleeping in bed

As we’ve written before, sleeping on the floor is harmful and even dangerous. Take care of the comfort of your family member and get him a separate stay. Pay attention to the shape, size, and material of the bed. The best place is a quiet corner where your pet will not be disturbed by children or drafts.

Pay attention to the toys. Use your dog’s favorite toys or treats to make him love the new bed. You can use a standard training scheme to encourage your dog to meet your requirements or create a nice association with his bed, leaving interesting gifts right there.

Keep Dog off the Bed While Away

dog on the bed

If your dog is used to sleeping next to you — use this. Dogs can jump on the bed because they are missing and want to smell their owner. If you have to leave your dog alone, leave something with your scent on his bedside.

Use the “Stop” command. This command is the priority when raising a dog. Use it as soon as you encounter unwanted behavior. Back up the command with a sound or a treat. Always try to control your dog with commands. The more you develop your communication, the safer it is for you and others.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stay Out of the Bedroom?

stay out of bed

A closed-door will keep your pillows fresh, better than any previous advice. Maybe if your pet doesn’t see the bed, he’ll forget about it. But be prepared for him to whine at the door, especially at night. It will be difficult for you at this point, but you need to be firm and consistent. Even your negative response means you are reacting to howling, which means your pet can use it. Not only you train the dog, but the dog also trains you.

Make your sleeping place unattractive. The associations help us again. Now we need to connect the unpleasantness to your bed. Use harmless ways to do this: don’t scare or hurt your dog. Rustling papers will be enough. Remember that you’ll have to sleep here yourself later.

We hope our advice will help you to how to stop the dog from jumping on a bed. Don’t let your dog do anything you don’t like. Be consistent and don’t give in to whining sounds or pretty eyes. If you’re comfortable with a dog in bed, there’s nothing criminal about it. It’s all about living in harmony.

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