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How to Tell If a Dog Is Deaf

how to tell if a dog is deaf

Sensory organs are an animal’s primary survival tool. The ability of dogs to receive more information than humans was one reason for their domestication. Therefore, problems with a pet’s ears can be so frustrating.

A dog may lose its hearing after an ear injury or ear disease. Usually, a dog’s hearing deteriorates slightly with age, but on rare occasions, it may lose it completely.

The most common signs of deafness in dogs with hearing loss are when the pet does not respond to a doorbell or appears disoriented upon waking. Your pet’s ear canal may have accumulated wax and just needs to be cleaned out. If you suspect your dog has a hearing problem, you should perform a dog hearing test.

If your dog does lose his hearing, there are still ways to communicate with him. Words are less important to a dog than body language and smells. A dog can adapt to his hearing loss if the owners help him and ensure that he communicates in other ways.

Signs Your Dog Is Going Deaf

deaf dog
  • Lack of response to loud noises, other dogs barking, answering a name or command;
  • Difficulty waking up and confusion afterward;
  • Stiff ears;
  • Unreasonable persistent barking.

How to Tell If Your Puppy Is Deaf?

Deaf puppy symptoms rule out age-related causes of deterioration and usually mean that the dog is fully accustomed to the condition and doesn’t feel discomfort.

To check the condition of your pet’s ears at home, you need to make the dog hearing test sounds. The animal should not see the source of the sound or sleep at all. The main thing is not to make sudden movements that may cause vibrations and warn the dog.

How to Test Dogs Hearing?

dog is deaf

One loud clap is enough to know that the pet is unresponsive. If you call his name and you don’t see a response, you should see your vet as soon as possible. At least to know the answer to the question “is my dog deaf or just ignoring me?” If the dog doesn’t even move his ears, that’s not a good sign. However, he may have only partially lost his hearing and maybe you can help him.

When you notice signs that your dog is going deaf you should go to the vet for professional help. Usually, the doctor doesn’t need complicated tests to determine that your dog has a hearing problem. However, the most reliable way to test a dog’s hearing is to examine his brain activity.

If your dog is deaf, don’t feel bad. These cute animals can live just fine with this defect. They have other not insignificant senses activated. They may have tactile senses or eyesight.

How to Interact with a Deaf Dog

signs dog is deaf

Since dogs don’t consider verbal communication to be the most important thing, they can easily adapt to other modes of communication. Usually, during training, the dog is taught to follow commands not only by voice command but also by a gesture.

It would be a good idea to get your pet a companion. A deaf dog will repeat the commands that a healthy puppy does. This way, it will be easier for you to take care of the sick dog.

The pet can be taught to do many other actions required by the owner that would normally be done by voice command. Some owners of deaf dogs use flashlights to attract the animals’ attention. Something strong and pleasant smelling will also be helpful. One of the best things to do is to get a vibrating collar. These should not be confused with collars that electrocute dogs. A vibrating collar shakes easily and is usually enough to get your dog’s attention.

Use a variety of methods to train your dog. Be attentive to your pet, never leave him alone for long periods. Either way, the pet will love you and adore you, which is what he will expect from you as well. Do not give up on dogs with any defects, they are the most loyal and intelligent!

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