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How to Stop Dog from Digging?

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Dog behavior is based on instincts, and we have to deal with it. For thousands of years, their ancestors kept only the most effective behavior patterns. Many of these habits, such as digging pits or howling, are not very suitable for living with humans. On the one hand, this is what made dogs the animals we love, but on the other hand, the ability to learn and understand people allows us to correct their behavior. In this article, we will answer why the dog digs and what to do with it.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

stop dogs from digging

Each dog is an individuality that is surrounded by unique external factors. It has to be considered when we try to answer the question of why do dogs dig holes. There can be many reasons, but the most common ones are boredom, hiding toys or food, and breed peculiarities. Less common but more obvious reasons are heat, pregnancy, or escape attempts.

It is the definition of the cause that is the most important step in the fight against a tattered lawn. You need to spend time with your friend and observe a little. The more obvious the problem, the easier it is to solve it. If your dog digging the ground only during the hot afternoon is a sign for you that it is time to equip your pet with a cool corner. You can also move his booth into the shade or prepare a water container to help him cool down during the hot season.

Hiding toys or food and digging just for fun is a nurturing defect that needs to be corrected in an adult dog. A puppy needs to be formed from childhood. In any case, an adult dog or puppy you have, we offer two alternatives on how to fix this situation.

The first option involves systematic weaning of bad habits through punishment and encouragement. Use the “Stop” command when the pet starts digging and encourage him if he obeys you. It is difficult and time-consuming, requires a systematic approach, and is less effective for adult dogs who are difficult to re-educate. But if you can convince your friend that digging is bad, you will be calm even leaving him alone with the flowerbeds.

The second option is easier but less reliable. If your pet loves to dig or it is a hunting breed that was bred for hunting in the burrows, you can arrange a special corner for digging. Such a sandbox will make a compromise between the natural needs of the animal and your idea of what the home area should look like. Of course, in this case, you will still have to spend time and energy to explain to the dog where he can dig and where not.

How to Stop a Dog from Digging under a Fence?

how to stop a dog from digging

Another common reason for this behavior is sexual behavior. Bitches who are waiting for childbirth prepare a secluded bed for themselves and their offspring and dig a hole exactly for perinatal purposes. In this case, perhaps the best solution is to do nothing, because the dog may prefer its pit to even the best house. Your attempts to prevent this process will only cause additional stress for the animal.

Dogs dig holes if they smell a female ready for mating. It is the most common reason why the dog digs under the fence. Such an escape attempt is inevitable if your dog is time to reproduce, and he is locked. Instincts control your dog much stronger than the owner of anything else.

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