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How To Stop a Dog From Jumping Up?

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A faithful dog is always happy to see his owner. But if a four-legged friend shows excessive emotions and tries to jump on the hands of the owner or to put his front paws on his shoulders, the situation becomes unpleasant. Clothing and the man himself can suffer from such expressions of feelings. Such behavior is considered uneducated in the world of intelligent dogs. That’s why many people ask themselves: how to stop a dog from jumping on people?

Fortunately, it’s not problematic to discourage a dog from jumping on people. The main thing is patience, consistency, and perseverance. It doesn’t matter how old your pet is, whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog. Both methods will be roughly the same.

Methods To Stop a Dog From Jumping Up

The first thing you should do is block your personal space from your four-legged friend. Violating intimate space is unacceptable in the world of dogs: it reduces authority and provokes aggression. When animals meet, even if they are best friends, they don’t hug, jump on each other’s heads or try to put their paws on the shoulders. They prefer to trust their sense of smell, and when they try to disturb their personal space, they turn sideways. How can this knowledge be used for our purpose?

When you see your pet running to jump on your arms or put his paws on your shoulders, don’t move backward but cross your arms and turn sideways or stand with your back. When a pet calms down, greet him and give a treat.

Ignoring is an effective method that works overtime on even the most persistent individuals.

How else can you dissuade your dog from this habit? The second method is a combination of ‘Stop’ command and repulsion. When a dog jumps on you, strictly say ‘Stop!’ and push him away slightly.

You shouldn’t wait for the ideal result after the first attempt, but a systematic approach will succeed.

If your dog thinks of you as a leader, he won’t jump on you a priori. However, many people are delighted with this kind of experience. The joyous jumps of a four-legged friend electrify their optimism. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should consider that the pet can damage your clothes or even accidentally injure you.

Don’t forget that raising a dog is the key to his successful socialization. Read our article on how to raise a puppy properly.

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