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How To Reduce Dogs Shedding

reduce shedding

Our pets live indoors at a constant temperature. This disrupts the biological rhythms of natural shedding, and often molting becomes sluggish and lasts for months, until the next seasonal molt. This means that your dog will shed all year round.

The dog hair everywhere, lying on clothes, furniture, on a plate, and all over the house — is a picture familiar to almost every dog owner. The molting of the animal causes more frequent cleaning, brushing of clothes before leaving the house, and even trimming of a fluffy friend.

However, the amount of hair loss can be significantly reduced.

That’s why the question “How to reduce shedding?” never loses its relevance. But wool problems can be minimized. It is enough to take just a few dog shedding tips!

Add Vitamin Supplements, Beer Yeast, and Fish Oil to Your Pet’s Diet

shedding dog

Additional intake of amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids has a positive effect on skin and coat. In combination, they strengthen each hair, extend its life cycle, and thereby reduce shedding. Such complexes are particularly effective during the seasonal shedding period. It helps with dog shedding and promotes the growth of beautiful shiny hair.

The supplements produced in the form of pills, and you do not need any special purpose for their purchase. Animals take them as a delicacy and eat them with pleasure. The dosage is on the package. But the idea of supplementation must be discussed with your vet.

Purchase the Right Cosmetics To Regulate Molting

Professional dog shampoos and sprays can also help solve this problem. A quality shampoo strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes the hair, helping to reduce hair loss for a while. However, these products should be used regularly to achieve results.

Special shampoos regulate hair renewal and eliminate dead hair during bathing. Sprays against shedding, on the contrary, strengthen a healthy coat, preventing its loss.

Bathing with shampoo is more convenient: the animal’s coat is better soaked, it is easier to brush. Old hairs are removed in large quantities during bathing and brushing. The skin of the animal becomes healthy, dandruff disappears, and the coat is shiny and strong.

A Suitable Tool: Combs, Brushes, Puffs

grooming tools

Grooming tools allow you to remove dead hair in time, but they are only effective in daily brushing. Animals are brushed in the direction of coat growth, without pressure or force. Your pet’s skin must be free from injuries that can be accidentally pulled over and that the coat is dry and clean.

Find the right tool. It should fit your dog’s specific needs (coat type, length of hair, size of dog), lie comfortably in your hand, and be enjoyed by both of you!


Furminator looks like a brush, but it has a safe blade instead of bristles. It gently grips and pulls out the dead hairs of the undercoat that would fall out on their own over the next few days. So the gadget not only pulls out the hairs that have already fallen out but also removes those that are just preparing to fall out. The use of the tool reduces the amount of hair that has fallen out to 90%!

By combing your four-legged friend 1-2 times a week, you save clothes, furniture, and your mood.

It’s easy to prevent dog shedding if you have the desire and the right tools. You will need some time and knowledge to take control of this process. Give yourself a life without wool and enjoy every day spent with your four-legged pet!

You can use any of these ways to reduce molting or all at once. Don’t forget that they are only suitable for healthy animals whose molting is a natural process, not a consequence of illness.

Excessive hair loss can be caused by parasites in your pet’s intestines, anemia, liver or gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal problems, and some other pathologies. If you notice any imperfections, dandruff, or itching on your pet’s body, you should see your vet immediately.

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