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How to Prevent Colitis in Dogs?

dog in colitis

Despite the significant difference in the structure of the dog and human organisms, we have common diseases. One of these extremely unpleasant sicknesses is colitis in dogs. It can be dangerous and painful, but if you pay attention to your pet’s health in time, it can counteract the severe consequences. We have learned what is colitis in dogs, the signs of colitis, and even what does colitis poop look like to help your pet avoid suffering.

What Is Colitis?

It is the inflammatory process in the colon. It complicates the digestive process because the intestinal smooth tissue does not perform its function fully. Its purpose is to absorb the fluid, and when it is inflamed, it does not happen. Fortunately, signs of colitis can be recognized even without being a veterinarian.

Symptoms of Colitis in Dogs

Some people know what is colitis pain like, but a dog can’t share its feelings. You need to pay extra attention to defecation and feces. If your pet is having difficulty, pain, or can’t poop at all, it’s a sign that the bowel isn’t working. Moreover, if the feces are unsightly, undeformed, liquid, mucous, and even have blood impurities, it is a reason to contact a specialist.

Dog colitis will have other consequences for the overall health of the pet. Because of digestive problems, the dog will not get enough nutrients and may lose weight. It may also become lazy and non-energy. To prevent these terrible sicknesses, you need to know the causes of colitis.

What Is the Main Cause of Colitis?

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Experts agree that it is stress. Although it sounds very vague, you should take it as seriously as possible. The fact is that stress reduces the ability of the immune system to resist pathogens. Such pathogens can be:

  • Intestinal infections
  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Food allergens
  • Mechanical damages of the colon

Stress colitis in dogs may also result from irritable bowel syndrome and poor nutrition. So before examining a dog’s feces, check the contents of its plate and where it sleeps. It will help you cure your pet and get back to normal.

How Do You Treat Colitis in Dogs Naturally?

Before you take the therapeutic steps, you read about on the Internet, be a responsible owner, and contact your vet. It’s best to grab a piece of fresh excrement and show your doctor so he can determine the causes of colitis. You may need to bring your dog too later to examine his rectum to rule out tumors. After a detailed examination, the veterinarian will answer how long does colitis take to heal and recommend the best dog food for colitis.

Usually, it is enough to keep your dog hungry for a few days or with very little food. A dog colitis diet should contain a high content of fibrous food in order not to put additional strain on the intestines.

Colitis in dogs is a common problem, so you should not panic if you notice signs of colitis in your pet. Timely intervention can save your pet from severe or even fatal consequences. Pay attention to the environment in which your dog lives and what it eats. If you find one of the symptoms of colitis in dogs, see your vet. Do not postpone solving the problems, and they will not become big. Take care of your animals.

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