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How to prepare your dog for air transportation?

preparing a dog for air transportation

The owner should know about the preparations for this exciting event. Find out what to do some time before the flight:

  • Get your dog used to the container in which he will be transported. Ideally, the dog should enter the cage (carrying bag, container, etc.) absolutely fearlessly on command;
  • Visit the airport with the dog. This is advisable if the dog rarely visits crowded places and flies for the first time. A crowd of worried people and loud announcements from the dispatcher may provoke panic in an unprepared dog;
  • Prepare a veterinary kit. As we mentioned above, it is better to consult a doctor about its composition. By the way, it is better to have the vet’s phone number just in case the animal will not feel well after the flight;
  • Stock up on absorbent diapers and wet wipes. A dog can easily cope with his natural airplane needs. The owner will have to clean it up;
  • Get water and a bowl. If the flight is short (1-4 hours) he may become thirsty. But be sure to take a drink for your pet on a long trip.

Finally, feed your dog nourishingly but moderately an hour before leaving the house and then walk with him. It is important to check all documents, calm down, and head to the airport a couple of hours before departure.


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