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What Is the Safest Way for a Dog to Ride in a Car: Choose the Best for Your Pet

Safest Way for a Dog to Ride in a Car

You probably know that a dog can be transported in a car. It is quite common to see a dog sticking its head out of the window while the car is moving. However, why don’t hundreds of owners choose a safer way to transport their pets? Some explain that when the dog is restrained by something, it begins to get very nervous and interferes with the driver to drive the vehicle. Others do not see a problem in the dog sitting in front or behind the car, since no dangerous situations have ever arisen. We will explain why both opinions are wrong, and why such methods endanger all on the road. We will also discuss how to keep a dog safe in the car.

Where Should a Dog Sit in the Car?

Allowing the dog to move freely in the car while driving can lead to dangerous consequences. You cannot be 100% sure that your dog would not distract the driver, or when it pokes its head out of the window, it would not fall out. Therefore, your pet must be securely restrained in the rear seats. Do not put your dog near the driver. Before moving on to the description of ways to secure a dog in the car, we also advise you to follow these tips:

  • Remember to take short breaks, especially if you have a long trip;
  • Control the water balance in your dog. Since the road in the car can be stressful for the pet, it may want to drink more than usual;
  • Use toys and treats as a distraction for your pet, but only if your dog is not seasick on the road;
  • If you stop at a gas station, and you need to leave the dog in the car for a while, be sure to check the temperature in the car. It is best to take the dog with you or strap it when entering the store.

If your dog often travels in the car, share safety tips that you always use in the comments!

How Should Dogs Ride in Cars?

If you travel with your dog in the car, safety must be in the first place. That is why we now consider the best ways to secure the dog in a car.

Harness Seat Belt

Harness Seat Belt

The harness is the safest way for the dog to ride in a car, and you can find dozens of cool options on Amazon. Human harnesses are not designed for dogs, but when used with special harnesses, they can be used to secure your pets in the car. It is much stronger than a regular seat belt. This system would prevent your dog from wandering around the vehicle while you are driving, and also from falling off the seat when suddenly parked. Typically, these harnesses are designed for dogs no more than 90 pounds.

Seat Pet Carrier

Seat Pet Carrier

There are a lot of options for transporting dogs in cars, and a seat carrier is one of them. Such a carrier fastens to the car seat and includes an inner drawstring, and can be attached to the seat belt. After reaching the destination, the lightweight carrier has handles, so you can take your dog with you without taking it out. Usually, these carriers are suitable for small pets weighing up to 20 pounds. If your dog doesn’t like driving, this is a great option to help reduce dog anxiety while traveling.

Dog Cover Protection

Dog Cover Protection

Cover protection creates a comfortable lying area and a small barrier between the front and rear seats. Many of them can also be combined with dog harnesses and automatic cables for safety. As an added benefit after outdoor adventures, a hammock can clean your car and protect your seat from scratches and hair. The pet cover is also easy to set up and take apart for cleaning, so be sure to check out some cool options on Amazon and special pet stores. If your pet likes to travel, it may be the best way to secure a dog in a car.

Travel Crate

dog Travel Crate

If the travel crate is properly secured to the center of the machine, it can provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog. But before you travel, let your dog get used to the new location. Putting the crate at home and leaving your dog there overnight would help reduce anxiety during travel. It is one of the best ways to keep safe car travel for dogs.

Cargo Area Pet Barrier

Cargo Area Pet Barrier

Cargo can easily provide safety for dogs in cars and allows you to see through the car’s rear window without obstructing your view. These baffles can be made of dense mesh material or metal strips, but for safety reasons, they must be securely and correctly installed. You can choose a great option where several dogs would fit at once.

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Trip?

  • Before getting into the car, your dog must be exhausted because a tired pet may not react too aggressive to a new place.
  • It is better not to overfeed your pet before a car trip. Do it a few hours before departure. This will help prevent nausea in your dog while traveling.
  • Unfold a blanket or bed and allow your dog to sit in a comfortable seat. Also keep everything that you may need close – water, toys, etc.
  • If your pet is hyperactive, consult your veterinarian. They can prescribe some harmless sedatives for a long car trip. But remember that you can only use this option if you have veterinarian approval.

Keeping a dog safe in a car is not a difficult task. You need to be attentive to its needs, choose the best option (harness, carrier, crate, etc.), and prepare your dog for an exciting car trip. By the way, we also prepare more travel tips for you, and what to do if your dog is still nervous in the car. Tell us about your travels with the dog or your visits to the vet, because the right specialist is not always a five-minute walk from your home, right? How does your dog behave in the car? We are confident that your experience would help readers who are still looking for the best transportation for their pets. Let’s start a discussion in the comments!

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