May. 24.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

How To Help a Dog in the Heat?

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Summer is good, especially if there’s a lake or a river nearby. But it’s harder to bear the heat in big cities, and pets suffer as much as we do. In summer many dogs become sluggish, lose their appetite, quickly tired on walks, and so on. How do you save your dog from the heat and give him a carefree summer? Read about it in our article!

Choose Your Time for Walks

Go out with your dog in the morning or evening. You can play active games, work out teams, and get the most out of the walk while it’s cool outside.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Choose parks, yards, and squares with a lifesaving shadow for your walks.

Adjust the Intensity of the Load

Your pet isn’t Terminator, and he doesn’t have to work for wear and tear. If it’s hot outdoors and your dog is tired and suffering from stuffiness, don’t force him to conquer obstacles. It’s best to take him to shade and get him drunk.

Ensure He Has Access to Drinking Water

Your pet should always have access to fresh drinking water at home. But in the summertime, you should also bring water (and a compact bowl) with you for walks. As soon as you see your dog is hot, give him a drink.

Keep Your Dog on the Right Food

Feeding quality has an impact on many things. Even the way the dog endures the heat. Do not overfeed or give him fatty food. The body uses an enormous amount of energy to cope with this and your dog becomes sluggish.

No Stuffy Spaces

If it’s very hot in your apartment and the open windows don’t help, it’s time to think about air conditioning. While you’re working in a cool office, your pet is sitting at home in a stuffy space, which is a big trial!

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car even if you only need to get away for “5 minutes”. The car warms up very quickly in the heat and your dog can get sick. Overheating with its attendant symptoms has never been good for anyone.

By the way, in some countries, passers-by have the right to break the car window if the dog is locked in it. There’s a lot to think about!

Protect Your Dog’s Skin and Coat From UV Rays and Drying Out

Dogs have sensitive skin. That’s why cutting medium to long coats isn’t recommended, even in the heat. The shorter the coat, the more likely sunburns are.

Wash your dog with special protective products to protect the skin and coat from dryness and burnout in summer. Be sure to apply a protective cream with a UV filter to hairless dogs before walking. This will help protect your pet from the harmful effects of sunlight and keep the skin and coat healthy and beautiful.

Getting Out Into the Wild

Outdoors with walks and swimming is a dream of many dogs. The more often you take your dog away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the happier he will be. But don’t forget the safety rules! Be sure to vaccinate your pet and treat him against parasites.

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