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How to Give a Dog a Bath Without Water

dry dog bath

A waterless dog bath can solve several dog grooming problems that you face daily. It is faster, more comfortable, and does not cause such stress in those pets who do not like to swim.

Some dogs do not like to jump in the water, and not all owners are happy to share a bath with a four-legged friend. Moreover, if you took an adult dog, it may distrust bathing because it is not used to it since childhood.

Every wash will turn into a scratching of the surface and hair everywhere, including tiles on the walls. Some dogs just do not belong in people’s bathrooms. So we’ll consider doing the hygiene procedures as easy as possible, including dry dog wash.

Dogs shouldn’t be washed too often because water harms their coat by washing off the natural fat layer from their skin. Large breeds sometimes just can’t get wet in the apartment carefully. A lawn of a country house and a hose for watering will be better for such pets. And the rest of the time, when the weather is rainy, you should clean the dog without water.

There is another way to wash the dog outside the house – to use grooming services. It will completely relieve you from the problems associated with the bath and the dog, but it will cost money.

Dry Dog Bath Detergents

clean dog without water

Special Dry Shampoos

Usually, dry shampoo is talcum powder. This powder is quite easy to use as a detergent. You can buy such shampoos in the pet store or grooming salon. Dry shampoo can be in the form of spray or cans with powder. It includes white clay or other mineral components that absorb fat and dirt well. Dry shampoos are produced by many brands, but each of them does not need special instructions to clean dog without bathing:

  1. Take one dry dog;
  2. Sprinkle it with powder evenly;
  3. Rub the powder into his coat and wait a bit;
  4. Brush the leftovers well.

All this reminds us of the action of carpet powder, especially since the dog we were washing in this way allowed us to vacuum itself at the end of the procedure.

However, we can’t say that we are delighted with this “shampoo”, but it can freshen up your dog’s coat a little and give it a light scent. The main thing is not to overdo sprinkling the dog with powder, otherwise, it will be difficult to comb it out.

Wet Wipes

There are special wet wipes to clean the paws, eyes, ears, and wool of animals. They are convenient to clean a dog without bathing after a walk and while traveling.

Do not use human wet wipes, their impregnation composition is not suitable for animal skin.

Bath of Bran

This option is most suitable for short-haired dogs. Long-haired dogs are not recommended because of the risk of knots.

Heat 500 grams of bran in the oven so that it does not burn your hand. Put the dog in a bowl (or bath) and rub the bran into his coat with a handful. Massage the entire fur for a few minutes, then brush it down.

Dogs love the warmth and caress, so they usually like this procedure. Brans perfectly remove fat and dirt, give the coat shine and silkiness.

As you can see, there are enough ways to provide a waterless dog wash. Sometimes it is just necessary for comfortable coexistence on the same territory. Of course, a full bath with water and foam will cope with the mud better than wet wipes, but a dry dog bath is better than dry dog dirt.

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