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How to Feed Picky Eaters Dogs

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The dog is usually synonymous with a good appetite. But some owners of puppy picky eater can only dream about it because their pets use different tricks instead of eating, or even refuse to eat at all. It can be explained in several ways.

If a dog has health problems, a bad appetite is understandable, but what if the dog is healthy and behaves actively until he comes to the bowl? We will help you to change your pet’s eating habits and advise you on what to feed a finicky dog.

Finicky eater dogs can be a real punishment for their owners.

Most dogs swallow their portion in minutes, lick the bowl until it shines. But not 100% of dogs have such an enviable appetite. Some dogs may even turn away and step back, smelling what’s in the bowl. The owner is worried that the dog is sick, drags the pet to the vet, and he finds out that the dog is healthy. And then the real torture for the owner begins – the animal seems to be quite cheerful but is not interested in the bowl with food.

Caring owners to feed their pets using a variety of tricks. They stir treats in the food (or placed on the bottom of the bowl, under the food), feed the dog with a spoon or hands, change the food one by one. And these methods can even give a certain result. But at the same time, the animal gets a clear psychological attitude: if I refuse to eat, I will get much more attention from the owner.

Tips to Help a Picky Dog Eat

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Some owners only encourage pets to refuse to eat. All methods of feeding a picky dog in the form of a variety of food, yummy instead of eating, and various persuasions – are praise for the fact that the animal ignores the food. The pet gets an inadequate attitude towards food. Even when hungry, the picky dog won’t eat, expecting to be praised for it. While its owners are knocked down, considering their pet a great gourmet or fastidious, and being forced to constantly look for a variety of delicacies for the finicky eater dog.

The problem, in this case, is formed, first of all, by the behavior of the owners. Therefore, you need to approach the food differently to return the dog’s healthy appetite. The taste preferences of finicky dogs are, of course, important, but they are still second in the choice of food. The main thing to focus on is food composition. The attractiveness of cheap food due to the various additives that enhance the taste and aroma does not reduce their harm to health.

How to Correct the Behavior of Puppy Picky Eater

finicky eater dogs

If the owner shows firmness, he will be able to return the dog a healthy appetite. You should not be afraid that your pet will starve to death if there is a whole bowl of food nearby.

You Should Not Feed Him by Force!

If the animal does not finish the portion or eats without an appetite – you can’t force him, it is better to skip the feeding. You shouldn’t leave the bowl in the access around the clock, as for a cat. If the dog is not finished or wondering if it is worth eating at all, you should not hesitate to clean the bowl. The pet will quickly realize that the food will not come back soon, and it is better to eat it now.

But education alone is not enough – the dog needs full physical activity. The appetite of the animal directly depends on it. You can cut the portion of food in half by 1-2 weeks, but complete starvation is not allowed. Adding delicious food and feeding on the hands is prohibited. A healthy dog will be equally happy to eat dry food and natural food.

If your dog suffers from health problems, you should cure him before training. Seek the help of your veterinarian to determine the cause. Unfortunately, this can be anything, and if there are no other obvious symptoms, only a doctor can help your dog.

Now you know what to feed a finicky dog. Discipline is the best diet. If your dog refuses to eat — it is an alarm signal. You should make sure that it is healthy and undamaged. Only after that do you start to educate your finicky eater dog.

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