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How to Decode Dog’s Whimpering?

why do dogs wimpering

Words, sounds, gestures, and movements are ways of verbal and nonverbal communication. Talking about humans it is common to explain our thoughts, desires, commands, etc. with the help of verbal ones. But what about dogs? How should they show their encoded sense? The answer is the dog’s whimpering (a coded language).

Dog’s brain development level is in a high position. Their owners insist on differentiation the intonation, gestures, and even words of their fluffy friends. Maybe it sounds strange or incredible. But fact nevertheless remains. To prove this information recent experiments of scientists from Budapest University indicate that dogs are able to distinguish not only the intonation of a human voice but separate words. Attila Andics and his colleagues have been exploring mutual communication between dogs and people. After the result showed: the dog’s brain reacts and perceives emotions in the voice almost in approximately the same way as the human’s brain and they can understand the meaning of some words.

Dog Whining, Whimpering Meaning

dog whimpering

Dogs have their own speech (whimpering, barking, and miming). So, why do dogs whimper? Mind, it is not a bad sign. They can show their emotions, demands, health, and emotional condition. The dog whimpering for no reason occurs rarely. The owner has to be very attentive and careful to make sense out.

Top 11 Reasons

  • The dog keeps whining to manipulate by his owner. One of the best and working strategies to get a slice of favorite sausage or cheese and make the owner to play with.
  • Boredom – being bored, dull, or moped your friend can whine, so play with him.
  • Heat – dog whines a lot during this period, natural demand to find a partner. Read our article on how to help a dog in the heat.
  • Sounds during sleeping – dog dreams and reacts to images. It can happen unconsciously.
  • Feeling fear or discomfort – the absence of owner, darkness, feeling anxiety.
  • Satisfaction of natural needs – hunger, thirst, cold, the necessity of going to the toilet make your puppy whine.
  • Whining in unison – it works like a chain. When one dog starts, another supports and you can hear the “band” of whining dogs.
  • Being obeyed by the owner or some other animals – bending.
  • Hunting instincts – they want to catch something.
  • Illness – is the most dangerous reason. Your pet asks for help. It shows pain and discomfort. Here are some initial signs of a dog’s indisposition.
  • Way of experiencing the world – puppy whimpers is a natural way of asking, demanding something (you can compare it with a baby crying, cause the same reaction, especially when they ask for milk or mom’s attention). They open a new world, things, and express their emotions.

What Shall I Do If My Dog Is Constantly Whimpering?

why does my dog whimpering

There is very close contact between the owner and his dog. Only by having a good and trustworthy relationship, you can realize the reason. If you analyze the list, have mentioned before, you will catch a sense and answer: why does my dog cry, whimper, or whine? If there is no problem connected with health or natural needs, manipulation is the most common reason. They need to spend time with you as much as possible. That is why you have to teach your dog how to behave from puppyhood. Discipline is key to understanding from both sides. Don’t be manipulated, wait, keep calm, don’t shout at your puppy. Try to leave him for several minutes in another room with closed doors, if you hear the dog whimpering explain – you don’t have to do it, it is a bad idea. This action can be repeated 10 or even more times. Be patient. If your friend is obedient, keeps silent, you have to praise him with treat, good words. Remember, as you sow, you shall mow. Don’t be angry if during the first or second-week results won’t be perfect.

Put your mind, if your friend is busy, he will not be bored. Active, interesting walks, swimming, different games involve attention. Before leaving a home, check your puppy’s meal and water. Spend a few minutes before going out. Dogs are faithful friend, appreciate it.

Make the life of your dog happy and exciting. Share your time, care, and love. And remember, you are responsible for your dog.

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