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How to Clean Dog Ears?

Approximately every fifth disease with which dog owners come to the vets is associated with the ears. Hearing is vital for animals because it orients in space and allows them to respond to the danger in time. Moreover, we have learned how to control our shaggy friends with sounds — commands.

That’s why owners should pay extra attention to their pets’ hearing organs. Their purity is not just aesthetics — it is necessary hygiene. And since ear diseases are quite common, we can help you with cleaning dogs ears at home. It requires small skills and some cosmetics. We have deeply researched this process, and we are ready to present you with the solutions for cleaning dogs ears.

Pet Ear Cleaning Prevention

what to use to clean dog ears

The primary preventive measure is regular cleaning and dog ear wax removal. But this is not quite the same as in humans. The dog’s ear is significantly different from the human organ. The ear canal is bent more, so it is good soil for both bacteria and sulfur caps. By the way, we create the most problems ourselves when cleaning the dog’s ears are too active.

There is a simple test. Take a cotton bud, moisten it in water, and gently rub the ear in the auditory canal area. Do not try to get too far: you may injure the animal. If there is a light grayish-yellow plaque left on the surface, everything is fine. Separate pieces of sulfur indicate that it is time to clean the dog’s ears.

how to clean dog ears

It is impossible to calculate the time frame common to all of them. Some dogs often walk and get dirty, while others prefer to lie on the sofa. The contamination time depends on the length of the coat, the shape of the ears, and individual features. That is why it is crucial to inspect your pet daily.

However, cleaning dog’s ears to a sterile condition is not necessary. First, sulfur protects the dog from dust and dirt. Secondly, it is very likely that in the process you will damage the integrity of the dog’s skin. Third, the glands will start to produce the secret even more actively. As a result, your pet will be vulnerable to bacteria, and the risk of congestion will increase.

What to Use to Clean Dog Ears

cleaning dog's ears

Often the owners try to use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baby lotions. It is important to remember that dog skin is gentler than human skin. It is drier. Rough folk remedies can traumatize the epidermis, and baby products can dry out and cause allergies.

What Can Be Used Then?

  1. Powder. Relevant for animals with long hanging ears and a thick coat. Special powder lowers the humidity level, improves ventilation, and prevents the formation of wet dirt particles.
  2. Hygienic lotions. They are used for severe impurities. Begin to drip, massage, and leave for a while. During this time, the earwax will soften, and the skin will move away. As a result, the dog ear wax removal process going quickly and painlessly.
  3. Cotton disks. Some owners use swabs, but they can hurt your pet. Gauze is not the best option either. In the process, it crumbles on the threads, so something may remain in the ear canal. Disks are a gentle and effective alternative.
  4. Special napkins. They are soaked in sulfur removal agent in advance. The wipes are comfortable for the owner and safe for the pet. It’s maybe the best way to clean a dog’s ears.

You should be especially careful when choosing “tools” because your dog’s ears are one of the most vulnerable organs.

How Often to Clean Dog’s Ears

How not to miss the moment when you need to take great care of your pet’s health? Daily check on your companion and observe his behavior. If your pet scratches his ears, rubs his face on the floor, whines, and shakes his head, you should watch out.

What measures should be taken? If you do not see any changes, carefully remove excess hair. You do not need to try hard: you just remove hairs that interfere with ventilation. Do not try to cut them completely. Remove excess sulfur with napkins. In emergency cases, it is acceptable to use drops.

If the symptoms do not go away after cleaning, you should consult your vet. The drops may provide temporary relief through pain relief, but it does not always mean a real improvement.

A dog is not only a fun walk together. Alas, the animals also sometimes get sick. They need our care and guidance.

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