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How To Care About Old Dog?

caring about old dog

Our pets, just like us, go a long way from infancy to maturity – and each stage is beautiful in its way. However, metabolic disorders, loss of joint and ligament elasticity, cardiovascular and other body systems malfunctions, reduced immunity comes with aging. But old age is a natural process, not an illness, and we can fight it. Let’s talk about how to care for an old dog and make his old age carefree in our article.

At What Age Is a Dog Considered Old?

There is no clear answer to this question. Dogs of large breeds age faster than their miniature brothers, which means that they retire earlier. The average age of retirement in the dog world is 7-8 years. From this age, you will need to be even more anxious and responsible in your dog’s life.

Old age is not about deprivation, illness, and bad feelings. It is a time when the body and immune system in particular need increased support. With this support, your pet will continue to delight you with a great mood and appearance for many more years to come.

This support is consists of three components

  • a balanced diet
  • plenty of drinking
  • optimal exercise

Steps of a Healthy Lifestyle

The first step

You need to do is select a quality balanced diet designed specifically for older pets and strictly follow feeding guidelines. What is the difference between such foods and standard diets? As a rule, good lines for older pets are enriched with L-carnitine to improve metabolic and energetic processes in muscles, increase immunity, and fatty acids omega-3 and -6 to maintain skin and coat health, and so on. These diets help to prolong your pet’s health and youthfulness.

The second step

Plenty of drinking – the more fluid we consume, the slower we age, and the same thing happen to dogs. How to increase your pet’s water consumption? Add liquid prebiotics that dogs are happy to drink because of their pleasant taste. But the benefits of prebiotics aren’t just that. Their main idea is to stimulate immunity. In old age, a dog’s immunity weakens, and the body becomes vulnerable to a large number of infections. The immune system is 75% based in the intestines. Liquid prebiotics, getting into the gastrointestinal tract, feed helpful bacteria, enhance the composition of intestinal microflora and, as a result, increase the body’s resistance to disease.

The third step

Physical exercises – the longer your dog’s life is full of active walks, the longer he’ll stay young and healthy. Of course, the intensity and frequency of exercises are individual for each dog: it all depends on his breed and body condition. For example, if a border collie needs moving games every day, the French bulldog will prefer a stroll. The point is not to tire your dog out, but to maintain an optimal level of activity for him. With a sedentary lifestyle, even a young dog will start to seem old.

All of the above measures are simple prevention. Of course, if your dog already has health problems, plenty of drinking and walking will not fix the situation. Another important habit to learn is that the sooner you see your vet, the sooner you’ll be able to get your dog back to normal. Jokes are not suitable for diseases: they can cause complications and become chronic. So you need to solve the problem in time or prevent it. To do this, bring your pet to the veterinary clinic for a check-up at least once every six months.

Take care of your four-legged friends – this is the most important thing for them!

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