Jun. 22.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

How To Arrange an Apartment for a Dog

apartment for a dog

Residents of a rented room or owner’s three-bedroom apartment (or any other type of housing) face the same problems.

Both small and large dogs can be accommodated in a small flat or even in one room. A dog is also a resident of the apartment and a quite demanding one; and if it is difficult to work with the size of your dwelling, you can change some little things for your pet.

Planning an apartment for tenants with a dog has its own nuances. Firstly, the place where dog bowls will stand should be easily accessible to your pet, it should not bother the owner and it shouldn’t strike your eyes. It’s better to put bowls in the kitchen, not near the place where your dog usually sleeps. Second, a sleeping place. For large dogs, it is often arranged in closets. There are special closets – usually custom-made – where there is a large open shelf downstairs for your pet. It’s also very convenient, and it’s easy to incorporate it into your design.

The floors are the next important thing. It is better if it is a tile, although such a coating in the whole house is almost never made. Tiles have a big plus – it’s very convenient to wash. There’s also a waterproof parquet board, laminate but it’s harder to take care of. Also, you need to take into account the color of your dog: light hair will be very noticeable on dark parquet or carpet.

Hair sticks to all the carpets and sofas, so any smooth materials without piles will be the best variant. If the dog is large, its beds and toys can be placed in a loggia where it will be enough space. There are a lot of slobbery breeds like bulldogs, they are contraindicated for mirrors and any mats, especially expensive, which will be endlessly given to dry cleaning.

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