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How Do Dogs Laugh?

laughing dog

Dogs were able to move towards understanding people more than any other animal. Even though we look like monkeys, we do not live in the same house with them. Our pets share food, living space, and sometimes a bed with us.

Such close communication allowed dogs to learn us well. Despite this, they still love people with all their hearts. The emotional development of dogs was a consequence of this socialization. Our pets have learned to communicate with us. But this close connection allowed us to determine something unexpected about dogs.

For a long time, we considered laughter to be our peculiarity and did not suspect about dog laughter. Do dogs laugh? In this article, we will answer and find out how it happens.

Can Dogs Laugh?

can dogs laugh

Yes, if we expand our understanding of laughter a bit. Of course, you will not hear the usual “ha-ha” from your pet. If you hear your dog laughing like that, you should be concerned about your mental health 🙂

Dog laughter is like panting. When a dog exhales so often by making “huh-hah” sounds. It is accompanied by a wide-open mouth and a tongue sticking out. When you see a happy grunting dog, you will understand. Another indirect sign is a wagging tail.

We cannot unambiguously connect dog laughter and tail behavior because the dog shows too wide a range of emotions through it. Moreover, the tail shows the intensity of emotions rather than their meaning. To avoid misinterpretation of the dog’s mood, remember that the higher the tail, the more dominant and aggressive the dog feels.

But how can we be sure that this panting is dog laughter and not just the peculiarities of a dog’s breathing or just a shortness of breath? A study of the frequency of laugh was conducted at Sierra Nevada College. There, scientists found that the frequencies at which a dog laughs much wider than just heavy breathing. Moreover, other dogs reacted to the recording of dogs laughing during additional experiments. The puppies became more fun and playful. Thus, the question of ‘do dogs laugh’ was answered by science. Now you want to do your research?

How to Make a Dog Laugh?

how to make a dog laugh

The recipe for dogs laughing is simple – it is happiness. You need to make your dog happy, that’s all! It’s easy to do because your dog’s favorite thing is his owner. Even if you are just a member of his family it will not cause you any problems. Just choose one of the games that dogs love to play and invite him to play. Your attention is what the dog wants the most, and the reaction of the pet will not keep you waiting long.

Only stroking, scratching, and another touching can increase this flow of endorphins. If you still do not hear the dog laugh, then try a treat. Your pet will open its mouth wide, like a joker smile from ear to ear and squint his eyes. The husky sound similar to grunting and sniffing is exactly how dogs laugh. Perhaps it will make you laugh and let the dog know that you are on the same wave.

Do Dogs Understand Laughter?

Do not forget that dogs feel and understand our emotions very subtly. It means that you also have to be in a good mood. Otherwise, the dog will realize that you are sad and upset too.

Now you can go to the experiments with your pet. I think it will be easy for a good host to make his friend happy and even make the dog laugh. It is an amazing fact that it is the dogs that have become so close to us that they adopt the ways of communication from us and understand us sometimes even better than other people.

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