May. 28.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

How Do Dogs Communicate With Us?

dogs communicate

A dog’s behavior with its owner can tell us a lot about its attitude towards him. The important thing is to know what gestures to pay attention to and how to interpret them. In this article, we will list 5 popular behavior signals that will tell you how to communicate with your dog and help you understand it better.

Eye Contact

A dog tends to keep its owner insight 24 hours a day and catches his eyes as often as possible. Look at your pet. Scratch it behind the ear if its face is calm and his jaw is relaxed, it’ll be madly happy about it! By the way, Japanese researchers are convinced there’s a connection between a dog’s eye contact with its host and the level of the attachment hormone (oxytocin). Make ‘warm’ eye contact with your dog more often, and your friendship will only grow stronger!

A Dog Brings You Something

No, not on command, but spontaneously, at its own will. For example, pets often bring toys to their owners. We take this gesture as an invitation to play, but we actually get a gift. It’s how hunting instincts work. The dog has brought prey to the owner before. Now it just brings you something to please you. And don’t let its choice surprise you!

A Dog Hunches and Squeezes

Most likely, the dog is very much afraid of something, and he needs your protection if you see that it tries hard to seem smaller!

A Dog Leans on You

This behavior means two things. First, it trusts you unconditionally. And secondly, you are strong to support it, and it feels safe with you. This gesture says a lot about how the dog treats its master.

A Dog Tends To Climb on Your Bed

Do you think your dog just likes delicate sheets? Actually, it’s just another attempt to get closer to you! The dog will gladly lie on your pillow to smell you even if you’re not home at the moment.

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