May. 30.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

How Do Animals Know in Advance That Guests Will Come to You?

french bulldog

Many of us have noticed that domestic dogs know in advance when family members or guests are going to come home: they sit at the front door and look at it, start running around the house, wag their tail, bark or hide. Many animals begin to meet a person even before he opens the door of a porch. We decided to find out how pets have psychic abilities.

Zoo psychologists believe that there is no single answer. The owner’s arrival from work is predictable: your dog has studied your schedule and knows when you come home.

Dogs are sensitive to sounds and they also have a developed odor map. So, they can hear the intercom downstairs and they can remember the motor sound of the particular guest’s car. The sound and smell map spreads over a long distance.

In addition, pets are sensitive to changes in human behavior. Dogs know their owner’s facial expressions very well. Human emotional changes are reflected in the left side of the face – that is where dogs look at and easily see these changes. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell – there is research that proves that they can distinguish human cancerous tumors using their smell. So, if you’re nervous before a guest arrives and you release adrenaline, your dog can react to this as well.

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