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Healthy Dog Treats

safe treats for dogs

The dog can eat once a day. Or several, in any case. This meal should provide it with nutrients for active life and development. However, dogs, like humans, love to eat not only to maintain life but also to have fun.

As a loving host, you would like to know what is best for your pet and what is beneficial for him. Pet stores represent dozens of good snacks for dogs, but how do you choose the most useful and safe? We’ve collected the basic criteria for evaluating dog delicacies and will walk the shelves with you.

Let’s decide why do we need healthy snacks for dogs before choosing the best ones. The treat is not similar to food except for the way to get into the dog. It has a stimulating function. Healthy puppy treats are the best way to motivate a dog to perform the required actions during training.

It can also be a food supplement: “yummy treats” often contain vitamins, trace elements, and products that help improve digestion, remove plaque or improve the appearance of your coat. Sometimes you want to pamper your four-legged friend, and instead of a piece of sugar or chocolate candy, it is better to use safe treats for dogs.

Well, now we can recommend several options, as all dogs have different tastes, and it’s just impossible to say which “yummy” will be perfect for yours.

Types of Safe Dog Treats

Good snacks for dogs are available in different types, so first of all, it is worth getting acquainted with their features.

Jerky or Dried Meat

healthy snacks for dogs

It is natural, dried pieces of meat and by-products (for example, hearts, stomachs, lungs) of different sizes and shapes. The different types of meat are used as raw materials – from chicken and beef to lamb, rabbit, or even fish, so you can easily find your favorite option or periodically pamper your pet with different snacks for dogs.


healthy pet treats

They are oily and softer than jerky and very similar to ordinary “human” meat, except for the differences in composition. They can also be made from different types of meat, have natural shells, and often contain various useful additives.

Safe Treats for Puppies Training

good snacks for puppies

Usually, these are small crispy slices of meat flour and various useful additives. They also contain carbohydrates, a source of energy needed during active work.


safe treats for dogs

It is the most carbohydrate delicacies, designed primarily for active dogs. Do not abuse them, as it can lead to obesity. However, it is still one of the most healthy snacks for puppies.

Long-Acting Treats

good snacks for dogs

These threats can take the dog for a long time, as he can not chew and swallow it at a time. Usually, it includes a certain type of meat to taste and a large amount of hard, dried skin that unfolds during the biting. They also remove tartar and plaque well, which makes them not only alluring and delicious but also healthy pet treats.

Composition of Healthy Natural Dog Treats

If the form and appearance of the treat, mainly determine its purpose, the benefits and impact on the body directly depend on the composition. Therefore, choosing natural dog snacks, it is necessary to study the composition, no matter how small the font is.

First, it is worth assessing the amount of meat contained in the product. The information about this is always given as a percentage. In economy class delicacies there is not enough real meat. It is replaced by by-products and cereals or rice, and since the dog nose is more difficult to deceive, sometimes taste enhancers come into play. Here, you should be especially careful, as they can cause allergies. It is very good if the product contains at least 20-25% of meat, and all used by-products will be listed in brackets.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the use of additives. The front of the package is usually evidencing its presence by large inscriptions. For example, “with vitamins”, “+ calcium”, “contains fiber.Vitamins are needed for immunity and general welfare, calcium – for strong teeth and bones, and fiber improves the gastrointestinal tract. Good snacks for puppies may not have any useful additives and can only be used as an incentive, but in this case, you must make sure that the dog gets vitamins from the main diet.

Often, you can estimate the quality of products and their benefits by brand and cost. As in the case with conventional dry food, delicacies are also available in different price categories. The cheapest ones contain little meat and attract dogs with the help of flavorings. The best dog treats are much more expensive, but also offer premium meats and exclusively natural composition.

Healthy snacks for dogs can be found in pet stores. As for the delicacies from the brands of TV advertising, which can be easily purchased in the supermarket, unfortunately, it is rather difficult to recommend them. Due to the low content of meat and by-products of unknown origin, they are, at best, useless, although they seem very tasty to dogs.

Remember that a delicacy is not a substitute for food. It should be no more than one-tenth of your pet’s daily diet. Otherwise, you run the risk of spoiling your dog’s eating habits, undernourishing or overfeeding it.

So, sticking to these simple steps, you will be able to choose the best delicacy for your dog, and he will certainly thank you with a good mood and affection.

safe dog treats
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