Dec. 31.2020 | Updated: November 19, 2021

Happy New Year, Dogs!

happy celebration dogs

2020 was a year each of us won’t forget. We closed ourselves off at home and became considerably more distant from each other. In those moments of loneliness and fear of an impending pandemic, our faithful pets stayed with us.

Dogs became one of the rising trends of the year, as they allowed people to go outside for walks legally. Before, we didn’t value that freedom. Many of those who didn’t get a fur kid before lockdown now appreciate them enough even to rent them.

Walking with a beloved animal has become the most affordable and effective form of psychotherapy. When everyone around us is scared and going through bad times, we need support and find it in the faithful eyes.

That’s why all year long we’ve written about the care, feeding, training, and other aspects of raising a dog as the best support animal for humans. We’re sure many of us have gone through hardships because of them, and our blog is dedicated to helping you make your pets’ lives better too.

Thank you to everyone who has read our articles and left feedback on the site and social media. We keep working in 2021 to create even more useful guides, tips, tricks, and funny content about our faithful friends because whatever challenges await us in the future, the dog will be there to make us smile.

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