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Oct. 20.2021

Top Greek Dog Names from Different Categories for Your Male or Female Dog

Top Greek Dog Names

Today we will add Greek dog names to our section. Agree that this is a very unusual and interesting idea of choosing an ancient name from a favorite myth or a more modern variation of them. If your dog is an ancient breed, then be sure to check our list of Greek dog names, perhaps you would find the most suitable among them. Also, when choosing a name, you should take into account the temperament of your pet and his habits, because all this can tell you the perfect name.

Top Greek Dog Names

Greek God Dog Names

Many names are of Greek origin, some of them are still popular, some are known to us only from books on history and literature. We have divided them into several categories to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one for your dog.

Greek God Dog Names

Ancient Greek mythology has hundreds of gods and goddesses, so it is not surprising that many owners like to call their pets that way. In addition, after reading the story of one of the gods, you can compare their personal qualities with the behavior of your dog and make a choice. Among male names, they often use:

  • Ares;
  • Helios;
  • Hermes;
  • Zeus;
  • Poseidon.

Among Greek mythology, dog names for females:

  • Aphrodite;
  • Athena
  • Hera;
  • Hestia;
  • Selene.

Ancient Greek Dog Names

Ancient Greek Dog Names

Greece is known not only for its gods but also for powerful personalities who made a significant contribution to the development of not only Greece but the whole world. Therefore, if you are fond of history and someone’s biography amazed you, you can call your pet that. However, keep in mind that the name should be liked by all family members. For example,

  • Aristotle;
  • Darius;
  • Sparta;
  • Dogma;
  • Socrates;
  • Iliad;
  • Homer;
  • Plato;
  • Socrates.

Cool Greek Names for Dogs

It is not necessary to name the pets the honor of a historical personality, you can choose a more modern name, be inspired by the beauty of the cities of Greece, its architecture, etc. The main thing is that it is a simple name, consisting of a maximum of 2 syllables, and does not look like any of the names of your family members because it can confuse your pet.

  • Cosmos;
  • Maximus;
  • Neo;
  • Niles;
  • Titan;
  • Lyric;
  • Omega;
  • Topaz;
  • Leora;
  • Lyra;
  • Saganaki;
  • Olive;
  • Muse;
  • Saphira;
  • Tansy;
  • Zoey.

Greek Male Dog Names

Cool Greek Names for Dogs

The Greek name would suit a representative of any breed, so there is no need to doubt your decision. Each breed is unique in its own way, and the name should emphasize its characteristic features. For example, if your dog has a slightly stubborn personality, then you might choose a strong name that even sounds menacing. If your pet is good-natured and sociable, you can choose a more modern male name.

  • Alexander;
  • Dimitrius;
  • Orion:
  • Nike:
  • Atlas.

Female Greek Names for Dogs

When choosing a female name, you can use the same principle as we described above. By the way, according to statistics, female Greek names are used a little more often than male names, and we are talking not only about the names of dogs, but also cats, hamsters, parrots, etc.

  • Agnes;
  • Danae;
  • Helena;
  • Ophelia;
  • Sophia;
  • Thelma;
  • Venus;
  • Dina;
  • Hermione.

Popular Greek Dog Names

Female Greek Names for Dogs

Popularity can be a relative phenomenon – today this name is relevant, but a month later it is no longer. Therefore, it is important to take into account the statistics of not one month or three, but a certain period, for example, 2021. The most popular Greek names this year are:

  • Delphi;
  • Parthenon;
  • Santorini;
  • Chaos;
  • Gaia;
  • Pandora;
  • Callisto;
  • Hydra;
  • Sphinx;
  • Baklava;
  • Opa.

We hope that you liked a few of the names on our lists or the very idea of a Greek name. What do you think would be the best Greek name for the Patterdale Terrier or Great Dane breed? Write in the comments, we are interested in your opinion!

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