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This formula calculates food only for an adult dog. Read below the detailed instruction how to calculate calories a dog needed per day
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About food calculator

Not all owners of dogs know how to calculate the amount of food for their pet correctly. Overweight can cause obesity, and on the contrary, underweight will lead to other dangerous problems with your dog’s health. The food packaging usually contains the recommended daily allowances for a particular product, but quite often they are significantly overestimated. That’s because the producers just don’t all the characteristics of your pet, such as breed, weight, lifestyle, age, physiological condition (pregnancy or lactation, recovery from illness or surgery), health condition (presence of chronic diseases).

So, do you want to know how many calories your dog needs per day? It is easy to do even at home by yourself. Just use our flexible calorie calculator for dogs.

To begin with, you need to decide which formula of dog feeding calculator you want to use. There are two of them: UC Davis MER Formula for dogs (is chosen by default) and Waltham DER Formula for dogs. You may ask about their difference. DER varies from MER in that it contains the activity needed for work, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and growth, as well as the energy needed to balance a normal body temperature. It is important to understand that the calculated MER is only an estimate of the energy requirement. Now, when you have decided on the choice of the formula for the dog food portion calculator, you can finally move on to the calculation itself. Firstly, select the size you need in the field “Pounds or kilograms” and then fill the field with the dog’s weight. Secondly, choose your dog’s activity level. Finally, the results of the pet food calculator will appear in the field below.

Result of calculation

Needed food amount of calories per day:
Food Weight:
Рortion size:

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