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Everything You Need to Know About a Dog Harness

how to measure dog chest

Many people mistakenly believe that a dog-collar and leash are enough to walk the dog outside. And some can even do without it. But the fact is that such a thing as a harness helps you to manage your pet better during walks, as well as develop and use all its strength. Moreover, it creates comfortable conditions and fits the body tightly, which helps to distribute the load on the skeleton of the animal properly, so that the animal does not receive any injuries in the future. What’s more, a harness provides control and even pressure on the pet’s body.

The thing is a harness that is too tight or, on the contrary, too loose, will cause inconvenience to your pet, for example, gall its delicate skin, and may even harm. Therefore, the belts should not be loose, in case the dog does not slip out of the collar, or cut into the skin so much, that it will be difficult for it to breathe. That is why it is very important to determine the size of the harness correctly and accurately. It is usually made from genuine leather or special sewn fabric. Each owner should know how to choose the harness following the size, breed, and physical activity of the dog.

To begin with, a harness can be used for a variety of purposes: for regular walks on the street, sports training, or work. So, let’s figure out what factors you need to consider when choosing a harness for your pet.


Most manufacturers usually use materials that are strong, soft, and resistant. However, not all firms take this with responsibility. Thus, you need to be prepared for the fact that after walking dirt will appear, and the harness should be easily washed. For small-breed dogs, we can recommend fabric products if appreciate the appearance and comfort, but for large and medium-size breeds it is better to use products made of high-quality leather.


It is very important the harness is easy and quick to put on and take off. And the clasps will make it more comfortable for you.

Body Fit

The belts should be tightly attached to the body and not obstruct the pet’s running and walking.

How to Measure a Dog for a Harness?

measure dog girth

Now, with the help of a centimeter tape, you need to make the following measurements:

  • Back length is measured from base of withers to base of tail;
  • For you to measure dog girth of the neck, find the place where the collar usually sits- at the bottom of the neck;
  • How to measure dog chest? The harness is worn over the entire front of the body, so before choosing a harness for a dog, set the dimensions of the zone behind the front paws at the widest point. To the resulting value, add 0.5-2 cm (depending on the size of the dog).

By this moment, when you have correctly measured the dog, selected dog harness sizing, and bought it at a pet store or via the Internet, the last final step is to put it on the dog. You may face with a dog’s categorical rejection of a new collar. It will resist, but if you do everything right at once, the dog will perceive the appearance of the collar in the future as a joyful event and a sign that it is going for a walk to have a good time.

Especially for inexperienced owners, we have compiled a dog harness fitting guide:

  1. Before you put the harness on your dog for the first time, distract it with its favorite toy or food.
  2. Slip the loopback harness around the chest in front of the legs.
  3. Next, position the strap along the top of the case to the desired position, thereby limiting the space.

Now, you understand how to fit a dog harness correctly, you just have to fasten all the belts. To sum up, the owner should take into account that it is not advisable to use a harness every day. This device is considered as a tool for training and special exercises for the physical preparation of the pet, but too frequent use can harm the coat. After walking or completing the required task, it is better to take it off, but leaving the dog in the harness at home unattended is unacceptable, this can lead to undesirable consequences…

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