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What Is the Easiest Dog to Train: Characteristics of the Best Dog Breeds for Training

easiest dog to train

What is the easiest dog to train? Certain character traits, inherent in the breed, play a role in the training process. However, the owners’ diligence and the contact between them and the dogs also play a role. Therefore, it is difficult to name any specific breed that would be 100% easy to teach to different commands. We have already discussed several teaching techniques, such as clicker training. Now it’s time to discuss a list of breeds that are easier to train with a properly designed training program.

Dog Breeds that Are Easy to Train

Intelligence and affection for the owner play an important role during training. It is important when the dog wants to follow the command, not only because of the tasty treat but also to please its owner. Therefore, be sure to praise your pet after each correctly executed command. Praise would be an additional stimulus for training.


dog breeds that are easy to train

Poodle can be one of the well-trained dog breeds. Among the innate qualities of this breed are intelligence, obedience, and imitation. They make the learning process almost hassle-free and help dogs memorize commands quickly. It is enough for them to explain or show several times what and how to do, and they would remember the lesson. Puppies are playful, so training should take place in the form of a game, where the owner acts as a partner, not a strict teacher. You cannot shout at the Poodle and punish it. This is a thinking dog, and this quality needs to be developed and encouraged. How can you do this? You can communicate with your pet, explain your actions, talk about what you expect from it. By the way, look at popular Poodle names.

German Shepherd

trainable dogs breeds

Thousands of people claim that the German Shepherd is the easiest dog to train. They are intelligent and easily trained animals. But raising a large dog should never be left to chance. From the first months of life, in the form of interesting games and tasks, the puppy gets an idea of ​​the permissible norms of behavior and important commands. The owner should demonstrate their authority without resorting to shouting and physical strength. When the skeleton of the puppy is strong enough, you can start overcoming obstacles. You should definitely take into account the growth and capabilities of your pet. The fundamental point is teaching the dog to walk on a leash, and from six months – in a muzzle. It is better to do this gradually and do not forget about the tasty reward for obedience.


what is the easiest dog to train

Papillon is a good trained dog breed. It is distinguished by good obedience and an open character. These dogs definitely need to be taught basic commands, as well as put a lot of emphasis on undo commands, so that you can silence your pet at the right time, even if he really wants to bark at night just like that. Or start bullying a big and dangerous dog on the street. However, you can go beyond basic commands and go further. For example, teach your dog to bring slippers, a TV remote control, and other interesting and useful commands. Papillon can be a good companion for a person with disabilities, as it does not require special care. It is smart, obedient, and always happy to help. It really gives a dog pleasure to be useful.

Doberman Pinscher

highly trainable dogs

Doberman Pinscher is one of the highly trainable dogs. And also in the list of the largest dog breeds. The character of the pet can directly depend on the upbringing and connection with the owner. Everything, that the owner would invest in it during socialization, would dominate the behavior of the animal. But some character traits that many have heard about are justified. There is some lack of education in the dog. And this is most likely due to the incorrect maintenance and upbringing of the pet after the breed began to be bred en masse. You can often hear that these dogs are naughty and bark constantly. Doberman training must be consistent. It is important to show firmness and perseverance. The pet would not obey. However, you should not include aggression in the training. Otherwise, the Doberman would be disappointed in your attitude. And it would not be easy to return a strong connection between you.

Labrador Retriever

good trained dog

One of the most trainable dogs breeds is Labrador Retriever. These are incredibly agile and cheerful animals, even in adulthood they love active games. High intelligence and calm temperament open up ample training opportunities. At the same time, any manifestation of cruelty must be eliminated in relation to the dog. You must exercise perseverance and patience while exercising. Also, an important element is an encouragement: verbal and treats. Consider how to add variety to your pet’s training. Because boring and the same training will quickly bore the dog and it would lose interest in training. Early socialization is very important. This would help the dog not to feel stress when in contact with the environment, other people, animals. It would also help to quickly assimilate acceptable norms of behavior in various situations. Owners of this breed who do not have experience in training such dogs should seek the help of a professional canine handler.


top trainable dogs

Collie is one of the top trainable dogs. However, it is possible to achieve positive and quick results only if there is a good home atmosphere. You should remember that Collie has a vulnerable psyche and categorically does not accept an authoritarian style of communication. If the family communicates in a raised voice, it is stressful for the pet. This breed is not dominant, so your good attitude would be judged correctly during the training. These dogs are raised in the same way as most breeds. First – socialization within the family, then – getting used to the daily routine, then – getting to know the street and new surroundings. Remember that the last step is only after permission from your veterinarian. A little patience and time would bring great results.

We hope, that knowing the best dog breeds for training, can help you to make a choice. Of course, you can teach commands to a dog of any breed. However, the same principle applies here as with people: someone learns faster, and someone slower. How long did the training process take you? Share in the comments. Thank you for being with us and see you soon!

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