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Dumbest Dog Breeds

dumbest dog breeds

How would you rate the intelligence of your dog? Does it execute commands? Maybe it understands your voice? Every owner considers his pet to be the best, but what if I told you that you are raising one of the dumbest dog breeds?

I’m sure you would not like it, but what would science say? As we know (by talking to many people) everyone has different intellectual abilities, so do dogs. That’s why some breeds can be the bravest but the dumbest dogs at the same time. Let’s try to figure out: what our best friends use instead of the head and track down the stupidest dog breeds.

How is it possible that it is so easy to find the smartest dogs – everyone agrees that it is a Border Collie or Poodle. Yes, their behavior is just impressive. Even if you don’t count the ability of one Collie to control the whole herd, they still learn new commands very quickly and can perform compound tricks.

But can we say for sure what exactly the dogs’ intelligence is? Isn’t it too arrogant of us to think that only a dog that understands us is smart? Maybe some animals are just not interested in training or communication. So, are they stupid-looking dogs for us?

The evaluation criteria need to be reviewed. We gauge dogs basing on their cognitive abilities, comparing them with humans. In other words, the more the dog’s behavior can be rationalized from the human point of view, the smarter it seems to us. It is not entirely correct, since the breeds of dogs have been bred for different, specialized tasks, among which there may be no need to communicate or solve puzzles.

Thus, even the dumbest looking dogs can be geniuses in their specialty. Moreover, it is problematic to unambiguously identify smart and stupid individuals even among people, although we can understand each other’s language. So where did the dog’s brain rating come from?

Who Created the Dumbest Dog Breeds List?

most stupid dogs

A quick Google search will immediately give you a numbered list from one to a hundred where all dogs rated according to their intelligence. Thousands of resources copy this rating as a prophetic truth. But is it fair?

The authorship of this comparative analysis belongs to Stanley Coren. It was he who wrote a book called “The Intelligence of Dogs” where he explored our current topic. In the book, the author distinguishes between different types of intellect in dogs. He claims that the ability of an animal to do the work for which it was genetically bred, to solve new problems on its own, and to learn from humans are three different types of dog’s intellect.

Comparing these three indicators in different breeds, the scientist presented a list of dogs from the best results to the worst. That’s where we got the conviction that the Border Collie is likely smarter than your boss, and the Mastiff claims to be the dumbest dog breed in the world.

Whoa! Did we name only one breed in the context of the ‘top dumbest dogs’ discussion? Let us not leave mastiffs alone with this injustice. If you opened this article to make sure that you are not the owner of the worlds dumbest dog, here are the rest of the representatives from the bottom:

  • Eastern Greyhound
  • Basset Hound
  • African barkless dog
  • Mastiff
  • British Bulldog
  • Chow Chow
  • Beagle
  • Russian wolfhound
  • Pekingese
  • Bloodhound

We placed them randomly to restrict developing the myth about the dumbest dog breeds. However, there is one pattern that we can here. There are too many hounds at the bottom of the rating.

Are Hounds the Dumbest Dogs?

dumbest dog breed in the world

If you believe the list, yes. But everything is not so unambiguous. The hounds were bred to track down the prey. So their primary tool is their nose. There are so many receptors that they, like all other dogs, can not resist the temptation to explore the world around them. The best way they do this is by using their sense of smell. The hounds even look down to sniff more often than up to use their eyesight.

In such an unequal fight, it is difficult for the owner to win. The owner needs to make a double effort to become more meaningful than smells for such dogs. You have to spend a lot of time together to find the key to your pet. But does this make them the stupidest dogs?

At the very least, it makes them the most difficult to teach. As hunters, they are used to counting only on themselves. Their ancestors tracked down and drove their prey for miles in the woods. We can suggest it made the hounds loners. It is difficult for them to make new acquaintances and interact with strangers. But is this a reason to call them the most stupid dogs?

Perhaps independence and self-sufficiency are better evidence of intelligence than obedience and loyalty.

The category of intellect is quite abstract, even in human comparison. History knows many characters who were geniuses in one thing and fools in another. Even the IQ test is no longer taken seriously in 2020. How can we talk about the smartest dogs and the dumbest dogs? They are all geniuses – you just have to find the right key.

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