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The Most Famous Movie Dogs: Check the List and Choose to Watch Movies about Iconic Dogs

dogs from tv-shows

Our four-legged friends have long won the hearts of millions of TV viewers. Dozens of films with their participation have already been shot, where they play the main roles. It does not matter in what genre the film is filmed (detective, drama, comedy, etc.), the main thing is that they teach us: “Treats animals with care.” We would like to provide you with a selection of TV shows with dogs in them. You have probably seen many of them. However, a good film is watched more than once, right? Enjoy the reading!

Top List of Famous TV and Movie Dogs

It is hard to imagine how much work it takes to successfully fit the dog into the frame. Dogs are considered to be the most talented film actors. The fact is that these animals are more obedient, quickly find a common language with professional actors, and can embody almost any idea of ​​the director. Even if the dog is invited to play a secondary role, it is always a well-trained pet. Another equally interesting fact is that dogs have stunt doubles on the set. You probably didn’t notice this when watching movies, did you? Let’s move on to the list of the most famous movie dogs.


dogs in movies

Many of us have seen or at least heard of a dog named after the famous composer. Beethoven became a real member of the Newton family. The dog helps with love questions, drives away bullies, and saves the lives of family members. The film raises an important topic – cruelty to animals. This is a family comedy that you can watch with young children. By the way, there is a series of films about Beethoven as one of the famous dog characters. However, the first dog actor named Chris appeared only in the first two films, then it was gone. If you watched all parts of the film, did you notice the difference? Share in the comments. Also, if you want to know more about the St. Bernard breed, then we invite you to read here.

Chance and Shadow

famous movie dogs

These are characters from the famous family movie “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”. There you will see Chance (American Bulldog) and his friend, Shadow (Golden Retriever). A famous movie with dogs and a cat is about a difficult journey on the way home: they meet dangers on their way, help a girl who is lost in the forest and even feel pain from the loss of a friend. Little spoiler – everything will be fine. This film teaches you what we humans often forget. We do not value what we have or eventually cease to appreciate, and only when we lose it do we realize our mistakes.


famous dog characters

It is one of the iconic dogs. The Akita-Inu dog, owned by a Tokyo professor, lived in Japan in the early 1920s. According to the established tradition, the dog met his friend-man every day after work, but once did not wait – his owner died suddenly of a heart attack. For more than 9 years, a faithful pupil waited for the owner at the train station – where he once happily met him at work. When Hachiko passed away, a day of mourning was declared in the country in connection with the death of a devoted dog who carried the love of the owner against time. By the way, the dog’s role played 2 Japanese Akita Inu and 2 Shiba Inu.

Did you know that Vladimir Putin has this dog breed?


dogs from movies

These famous movie dogs are combined into a whole cycle. And in all the main roles there is a Collie dog named Lassie. These films are always based on friendship, mutual help and sincerity between people and pets. By the way, an interesting fact that it is interesting that the role of Lassie’s dog is played by 10 dogs at the same time, but they are all males. However, in the film, we are told that this is a dog-bitch.


famous tv dogs

The little heroine has lost her mother and moves to a new town with her father. All alone and without friends in a local supermarket, a girl stands up for a homeless dog who staged a rout. She calls him Winn-Dixie. The dog launches a series of wonderful events in the life of the girl and the whole city, turning a gloomy librarian into a woman telling funny stories, a fearful witch-neighbor Gloria into a sympathetic old woman. Like many other dogs from movies, Winn-Dixie also helps the young mistress to find friends and build relationships with her father. This film shows that miracles happen if you continue to believe in them and do good for free. Such dog characters in movies also prove that when you have a friend, adversity and setbacks cannot break you.

Red Dog

iconic dogs

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a dog that hitchhikes Australia and then becomes a symbol of the town of Dampierre. That is why no one raises a hand to kill a sick red dog to alleviate his suffering. Every person in the city has an incredible story associated with this dog. He saved someone from loneliness, taught another to laugh, helped a third find the love of his life, and saved a fourth from death. He belonged to everyone and no one until he chose his own master. The role of the dog was played by the dog Koko, and this dog has its own page on Wikipedia. If you like realistic stories about dogs from tv-shows, you will like this movie.

101 Dalmatians

best movie dogs

If you are looking for dogs in the movies list, you for sure meet this movie. This funny story happened in England at Christmas. The villainess Cruella Dae Vil decides to steal exactly 101 Dalmatians to add to her fur collection. However, the love and care of the owners of the dogs ruin all her plans. We don’t think it’s worth talking a lot about this movie or cartoon. Since this is one of the famous classic movie dogs. And it’s definitely worthy of multiple revisions.


dog characters in movies

The comedy about a legally blonde won the hearts of many. However, the second part focuses on the dog as the main character. Therefore, it can be safely attributed to the list of famous tv dogs. The little Chihuahua has a good disposition and becomes a symbol in the fight against the testing of cosmetics for humans on animals. This film has not lost its relevance even now because not all refused such testing.

Air Bud

dogs in the movies list

One of the best movie dogs is Air Bud. The little owner of the Golden Retriever discovers real talent in his dog. Buddy can play basketball and even throw balls into the basket. Sounds like something from the fantasy world, doesn’t it? However, this is true. This film quickly gained popularity, like other parts of it, where Buddy is already learning to play other sports. By the way, there is even a spin-off about the children of a talented dog. And of course, they can play too.

According to our experts, many people like dogs in movies because they are touching and kind, such movies can be watched with all family members. They teach kindness and concern. But, what is very important, they always tell about loyalty, devotion, reliability, which is not always enough in real life. Share in the comments about all films from the list you have seen and your impression of them. Then don’t forget to write your favorite movie on this topic. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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