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Dog and Music: Do My Pet Like Music, What Kind of It, and What Is the Reaction of My Dog

do dogs like music

Our pets are best friends. We love, care, and sometimes even dedicate songs. For example, Paul McCartney recorded a special song and dedicated it to his dog Martha of the Bobtail breed. However, dog’s hearing is more sensitive than human hearing. So do dogs react to music positively? Let’s find out!

Do Dogs Like Music?

To love music or not, this is an individual decision of a person. So it is with dogs. Your pet may love music and respond to it, but the dog old your neighbor doesn’t. In 2002, an experiment was conducted that determined that dogs are listening to music. However, they behave better on quieter tunes.

What Kind of Music Do Dogs Like?

can dogs enjoy music

Dogs can’t talk about their music preferences. We just have to turn on the composition and watch the reaction of the pets. Therefore, over the years, there have been experiments on this issue. Let’s take a look at the most famous ones.

Canadian University Study (2012)

The experiments were carried out on 117 dogs of different breeds. Pets, individually or in pairs, are housed in the classic nursery, including tunes in different directions. For 45 minutes, subjects listened to classical music, heavy metal, and random melodies to relax. A 45 minute silence interval was used as a control. The essence of the experiment is to compare the behavior of pets when they listen to songs with their behavior when they are silent. If no difference is observed, we can talk about the dog’s musical immunity. It turns out that animals react to melodies and songs. Also, different genres are considered to be different. Do dogs like classical music? Classics make pets sleepy. Compared to other genres, they calmed down more quickly in silence and fell asleep in classical works. Heavy music is crushing. Subject dusted himself off even more. Relaxation has a calming effect, the pet does not show anxiety.

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (2017)

They wanted to know which genre is more preferable for dogs. And can dogs enjoy music? When listening to different compositions, several parameters were measured: heart rate, salivation, restless behavior. It turned out that the most positive influences are reggae and soft rock. Curiously, when listening to music, the dogs barked less than in silence. So we can say that they can enjoy it.

How Do Dogs React to Music?

dog and music

If the dog begins to howl to a certain melody, there is no cause for concern, as dogs have good auditory abilities and can feel the music. Of course, some dogs howl very rarely, and there are those who “sing-along” to almost every melody.

If the owner of the dog is not worried about the howling of his/her pet, you do not need to take any measures to educate the pet. What do dogs think of music? We will never know for sure, but this is a sign that they like the tune. But when the howling of a dog is uncomfortable and causes complaints from neighbors and people around you, you can take the following measures.

  • Eliminate the sound source. If the owner of the dog knows that his pet is susceptible to sounds, it is necessary to make sure that no music is played in the presence of the dog, as this provokes the pet to undesirable actions.
  • Distract the pet. It is convenient to do this using a game. But it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that you can offer the dog a toy only when the pet is silent or even before it starts to howl. If the owner starts playing while howling, the dog can perceive this as a reward for the action, and in the future will make sounds with music even more often.
  • Do not punish your pet. During the upbringing of a pet, in no case should physical punishment be used. The dog howls not because it wants to do something unpleasant to its owner, it is just a natural reaction to sounds.

Dog and music. On the one hand, these words should not appear in the same sentence. On the other hand, why not. Dogs are also living creatures and they may like music just like we do. Does your pet like listening to music? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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