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What Is a Dogo Argentino Dog: Interesting Facts about Personality & Health

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Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a rather impressive snow-white dog, which combines a stern, unapproachable look and boundless kindness. Due to proper upbringing, this dog can perform a lot of useful functions and become not just a pet, but a full-fledged member of the family. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by excellent guarding and watchdog qualities. Many owners give only positive feedback about the dog, its desire for training and education. Therefore, if you are already interested in other character traits of this breed, then be sure to continue reading our article!

Dogo Argentino: Breed Info

Dogo Argentino temperament
  • Origin: Argentina;
  • Height: 24-27 inches;
  • Weight: 80-100 pounds;
  • Coat: short and white;
  • Temperament: outgoing, friendly, playful;
  • Good with: children and family;
  • Lifespan: 9-15 years.

History of Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino colors

Dogo Argentino’s origin is Argentina. Although the breed is quite young and has existed for hundreds of years, its history began long before that, in the sixteenth century. But research on this breed began in 1925 when Antonio was just past adulthood. The Martinez brothers set themselves a seemingly impossible task-to bring a dog with outstanding physical characteristics, excellent senses, and attractive appearance.

At the same time, it should be balanced and not involve aggression against humans and other dogs. In order to lay a solid foundation for the new breed, Antonio and Augustine bought ten Córdoba bitches-not as angry as dogs-and began to breed them with dogs that saw the qualities they needed: speed, hunting instinct, growth, and talent. For thirty years, Antonio and Augustine polished the appearance of “Argentina”. At the same time, the breed formed two branches: Araucan (crossed with Bordeaux) and Guarani (offspring of Irish Wolfhound).

However, the prototype of the modern Argentine Mastiff is a mixture of two strains, so they have survived in pure form to this day. So what is a Dogo Argentino dog? In May 1964, the breed was officially registered by the Argentine KC. For nine years, the standard At the same time, the variety is becoming more and more popular in Europe-mainly thanks to Otto Schimf. This dog handler was fascinated by the proud posture of dogs and played an important role in their spread throughout Europe.

Dogo Argentino: Characteristics

Dogo Argentino lifespan

Great Danes are large breeds. These animals are composed in very proportion and have a densely beaten physique. The muscles have clear contours, visible even under the dog’s skin. This is the main national heritage of the country, as it is officially recognized as the only breed from Argentina. This white aristocrat has a strong physique, which together with excellent professional qualities makes the breed universal for service and rescue operations. At the same time, it would become a faithful companion who takes an active part in the life of the host and delights it with well-studied teams.

Dogo Argentino: Temperament

It is a massive dog breed with a very powerful temperament. It is a loving guardian of its family, including children, and a ferocious hunter who knows how to deal with wild boars. It is gentle and cruel at the same time, but should never be aggressive for no reason. Are Dogo Argentino good family dogs? As for family members, Dogo is very keen to approach or contact them. It warmly welcomes guests and loves to be involved in family affairs, but would take immediate action whenever faced with any threat. Despite being loyal to its human family, it has an extremely powerful hunter drive. Are Dogo Argentinos good with other dogs? It must be separated from puppies and, especially, cats if it does not grow up with them. Even so, observation is a good idea. It needs a confident owner who can maintain its authority as the leader of a wolf pack. It is also an athletic dog and can be noisy, especially at a young age. Daily exercise is very important in stimulating the mind and body. By the way, don’t wait until he is 6 months old to start training, or you would run into a more wayward dog. If possible, let it train when it is 10-12 weeks old to mingle and socialize. It would help to train the best of Dogo Argentino’s traits. However, many veterinarians recommend avoiding contact with other dogs and in public. So instead of formal training, you can start at home and interacting with your family and friends until the puppy’s vaccination is complete.

Dogo Argentino: Colors

It is characterized by white color. A black spot near the eyes or ear of an animal is acceptable, but a pure color without points is still more preferred.

Dogo Argentino: Size and Weight

Dogo Argentino’s height is from 23 to 29 inches, so it is a big breed. Males tend to be slightly taller than females by an average of about an inch. The weight of this breed is usually from 88 to 100 pounds. The body is usually slightly longer than the stature, and its head of it is large and wide. Although these sizes are considered “breed standards”, some dogs may be larger or smaller.

Dogo Argentino: Defects of Breed Standard

Any deviation from the breed standard is considered a defect:

  • the presence of points in places atypical for the standard;
  • aggressive or cowardly behavior;
  • uneven jaw development;
  • excessively long guard hair;
  • lack of pigmentation of the nose;
  • blue pigmentation of the eyes;
  • heterochromia;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • deafness.

Dogo Argentino: Facts about Care

Dogo Argentino height

This breed needs minimal but constant grooming, most of which comes from the dog’s snow-white coat. It is combed no more than twice a week with a rubberized glove or brush. During the molting period – in autumn and spring – the procedure is repeated daily. Thorough combing removes dead guard hair and, in addition, pleases the dog with a pleasant massage. How much does Dogo Argentino shed? It should be noted that this is not the most suitable breed for squeamish and overly clean people, because the dog sheds profusely. Therefore, you would have to regularly clean your clothes and furniture from wool. Consider a different breed if you are allergic. It is highly not recommended to arrange a bath day for your pet weekly – once a month is enough. Blot your ears once a week with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. The eyes of the animal also need attention. Remember to gently rinse them with chamomile tea using a small, soft, lint-free cloth. Discharge, noticeable redness, swollen eyelids, and excessive tearing are reasons to contact your veterinarian. Claws should be trimmed once a week. Teeth also need a thorough brushing twice a week.

How to Feed Your Dog?

Your pet’s nutrition should be balanced and correct even from puppyhood. Keep in mind that they have had an enviable appetite since childhood and can rapidly gain weight if you indulge the dog’s plaintive looks. In general, you should be guided by the fact that the amount of food consumed should not exceed 7% of the total weight of the puppy. Moreover, after six months, it is recommended to switch to two meals a day instead of feeding the pet four times a day. The feed should include grains and vegetables. Natural food should be served fresh. Usually, it is based on boiled offal and lean meat. A dog of this breed can be given boiled sea fish without bones. Include fruits and vegetables in your dog’s diet, depending on the season. Be sure to purchase a tall bowl holder, so you don’t ruin your pet’s posture. Please note that the dog eats a portion in a maximum of twenty minutes. If there is too much food, set it aside for the next meal.

Dogo Argentino: Health Issues

do Dogo Argentino shed

All dogs are likely to have genetic health problems. An experienced breeder would honestly and openly talk about the health problems of the breed and their incidence. This breed can be susceptible to glaucoma and laryngeal paralysis. And also hip dysplasia can develop. In this case, the pet would move slowly or avoid jumping. Do not buy puppies from breeders who cannot provide you with written proof that their parents have addressed health issues affecting the breed. Allowing a dog to “have a veterinary check” does not replace a genetic health screening. Look for your puppy elsewhere, you may be able to find it at a shelter.

Remember, after you bring your new puppy home, you can protect it from one of the most common health problems – obesity. Maintaining a proper weight for dogs is one of the easiest ways to prolong their life. By the way, the average Dogo Argentino’s lifespan is 9-15 years. Dogo is a noble, courageous, peaceful, and good-natured breed. One glance at this snow-white stately handsome man makes you feel respect and sincere admiration for him. Dogo is a universal breed because it can do almost everything.

They are excellent companion dogs, ready to share an active holiday with the owner or to become a gentle and attentive participant in children’s games. Dogo Argentino’s personality suits you, then you have found your pet. Google experienced breeders or nearby shelters so that you have such a friend as soon as possible. What do you think would be the best name for this Argentinean? Share your ideas in the comments or if you already have this breed, don’t be shy to share its name with our readers!


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