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Dog Water Intake | How Much Water Should a Dog Drink and Why It Is Important

dog water intake

Water is a necessary resource to support the life of not only humans but also animals and plants. However, excessive amounts of water in our bodies can have adverse effects. For example, if you water the plant more often than it should, then it can bend around. What about the dogs? How much water should a dog drink? What factors affect the daily dog water intake? And what can happen if your dog drinks not enough water? You can find out the answers to these and other questions by reading our article. Enjoy reading!

How Much Water Should I Give My Dog?

No breeder or veterinarian will tell you the exact amount of water your dog will flush per day. To calculate the rate, you need to pay attention to the pet’s weight and its active or passive daily routine. What we can advise you without delay is the choice of water. Plain chilled boiled water is best. And it’s best to serve it in a ceramic, steel, or glass bowl. Be sure to change the water at least twice a day, or more often if your dog is drooling a lot. So how much water should a dog drink in 24 hours? The average dog needs 40 ml per kg of body weight. Imagine that your dog weighs 50 kg, which means that the daily water intake is about 2 liters. How much water should a puppy drink? A slightly different principle works with puppies. Weight also plays a role, however, 1 kg requires 2 times more water. For example, the weight of a puppy is 9 kg, which means the norm of water is 360 ml. However, as your pet gets older, the need will diminish. Before changing the water in the bowl, make sure it is clean.

Interesting fact! Don’t be surprised if a small breed dog needs more water than a large breed.

How Often Do Dogs Need Water?

how much water does a dog need

In hot weather or after an active walk, your dog may want more water than usual. However, if you began to notice that such an expectation arises without these factors, then it’s time to turn to the veterinarian with the question: “How much should a dog drink”?

Let’s look at the most likely reasons that a specialist can tell you about.


Among the main symptoms are lethargy, thick saliva, and dry mouth. Merely giving water when dehydrated can harm your pet and cause vomiting. If it is a mild form, give the dog 2 tablespoons of water for large breeds and small breeds one teaspoon for several hours. If you experience severe dehydration, see your veterinarian immediately.


Your dog may drink more or less water due to feeling unwell. Take a closer look at your dog and you may find symptoms of diabetes, infection, or other illnesses. See your veterinarian for advice and further treatment. How much water should a dog drink a day in such a situation? Depending on the diagnosis, your veterinarian can check the dog’s daily water requirement for the period of treatment.


If your dog is prescribed treatment, be sure to consult with your veterinarian about side effects and read the instructions carefully. One of the side effects of some drugs may be an increased fluid requirement. Therefore, if after taking the medicine, your dog wants to drink, then give him water. But be aware of the dangers of drinking too much.


If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you already know how important it is to choose the right food for your pet. Unsuitable food can make your dog thirsty. And if you overfeed with treats, then the same effect will come. You should not give your dog the same food that you eat, which contains salt. This causes not only thirst but also other unpredictable consequences.

How to Control a Dog Water Intake?

how often do dogs need water

To control this rate, you need to follow simple rules and then you can easily not only control how much water your dog needs for normal health but also generally answer the question: “How much water do dogs drink”?

  • Only drink from the bowl if you are at home.
  • Change the water in the bowl at the same time.
  • Watch the water level in the bowl.
  • There should always be water in the bowl.

Keeping your dog hydrated is a responsible and important process. Provide your pet with clean water while walking. Buy a special water bottle and don’t let your dog drink dirty water. After all, not only the quantity but also the quality of water affects health. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We hope you enjoy it and when you will hear the question: “how much water does a dog need”? You will answer easily. See you on the pages of our blog very soon!

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