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Dog Training with a Clicker: What Is It and How to Use It for Effective Training

clicker training basics

Cynologists recommend training dogs with rewards. Thus, the dog will be more active in repeating the actions for which it received the treats earlier. Have you heard about dog training with a clicker? Many argue that this can make your workout more effective. Your first goal is to ensure that the clicker is associated with further reward. Let’s see how this tool works. We will also be happy to share our clicker training guide with you. Enjoy the reading!

Clicker Training Dogs Basics

The clicker is a small mechanical silencer. The main function of this tool is to alert your dog that its behavior is correct and that it will be rewarded. This is the same if you, for example, raised your thumbs approving the behavior or said “Bravo”. Clicker-trained dogs love to learn. They will become interested and the desire to earn a click will increase. It will also help take the strain off your workout. Clicker training basics are simple:

  • the clicker should only sound when the commands are executed correctly;
  • make sure your dog responds positively to sound;
  • try to make the clicker the main reward and treat only the additional one.

How to Use a Dog Clicker?

To get started, you need to prepare treats and choose a quiet training area where your dog will not be distracted. Introduce your dog to the clicker before training. Treat in one hand, clicker in the other. How to start clicker training? Click on the clicker once and immediately give the dog a treat. Repeat this several times so that the dog learns to associate the clicker click with the treat. Thus, the tool will attract the pet’s attention. When you have already secured the connection, then you can start directly training.

At the beginning of clicker training, focus on the command you want your dog to follow. For example, “Lie down!” As soon as the dog lies down, click on the clicker and immediately treat it to a treat. Every time the dog sits down without your command, click on the clicker and reward with delicious. Soon the dog will see the relationship.

Later you can add a voice command “Lie down!”, Each time, as before, click on the clicker and reward the dog. Exercise regularly.

Then move on to the clicker flick and treat only when the dog takes an action at your voice command. Do not click on the clicker or give a treat if the dog acted without your command. Once the dog has learned to act only on command, gradually begin to undo the clicker and treat. But still, from time to time, approve of its actions, for example, patting, which will mean that it did everything right.

Dog Clicker Training Tips

dog clicker training tips

The science proved that this way of communication between the owner and the pet is effective. This method is well mastered and often faster than the command method. The clicker can be used to train dogs of any age. Let us give you some clicker training tips that we haven’t discussed above.

  • Do not use dog food as a treat. Take pieces of sausage or meat. Many pets also love cheese.
  • It is important to click exactly at the moment of the command execution, and not after it. Since it matters. How does clicker training work? It activates the dog’s behavior in the right way. However, don’t be discouraged if your pet stops following the command when it hears a click. Review the commands you have chosen. Maybe start with the simple ones to start with.
  • You only need to click once. Not the sound itself encourages the dog but only makes it clear about the correct behavior. You can give more treats instead of a double-swarm click.
  • Keep your training short. Multiple training a day for 5 minutes will help you achieve more than grueling hours of training. Besides, 10-15 minutes is easier to allocate.
  • With a click, you can coax or lure the animal into a movement or posture. You want the dog to sit down and it starts to squat: click. You want it to come when its name is called, and for this, you need to take a few steps: click.
  • Don’t dwell on one good result. Repeat the same exercise several times to consolidate your success.
  • What is the dog clicker used for after the dog has learned to follow simple commands with it? It’s time to start offering a clue, such as a word or a hand gesture. Start clicking for this behavior if it occurs during or after the replica. Begin to ignore this behavior when the signal was not given.
  • Don’t order your pet. After all, this training is not based on commands.
  • If you get angry, remove the clicker. So that the dog does not perceive the tool with negative consequences.
  • Enjoy your training. When your dog feels confident and calm from you, it will be easier to train.

Why use clicker training is a good choice? The practice has shown that a good way not only to teach your dog commands but also to help mutual understanding between you. To know for sure you will like this method and whether it will be effective, you need to try. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon in our new useful and interesting article!

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