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My Dog Keeps Sticking Tongue Out: 6 Common Reasons & How to Prevent It

dog stick tongue out

All dog owners notice the habits of their animal features that distinguish them from others. However, they have a common feature, which also can be inherent in your dog – sticking out tongue. Therefore, today we will figure out if this is normal and what may be the reasons for this behavior of your pet. And also whether it is necessary to somehow try to prevent such a dog’s behavior!

Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Tongues?

dog sticking tongue out

When a dog can’t keep a tongue in the mouth, it usually refers to a muscular organ and often protruding from the mouth, beyond the teeth and gums. There are several reasons why this may happen:

It Is too Hot Here

Is your dog constantly sticking tongue out? Look at the temperature in its environment and other signs. It also can be accompanied by a smile or grimace and heavy breathing. Gasping is a natural process that keeps pets cool in high temperatures, similar to how humans sweat. However, it can also cause dehydration. So don’t forget to give your dog enough water. Also, move it to a cool place or air conditioner to lower its body temperature. This would help maintain hydration levels to stay healthy and help it calm down.

Oh, Perhaps It Is a Stress

Is it possible for a dog sticking tongue out due to stress? Perhaps when you entertain it, or when you come from work, and it meets you at the door, it would put out its tongue and pants. This is completely normal, and you don’t need to worry. But it also can cause more serious problems. If your dog is suffocating around another animal and seems to be caused by fear rather than excitement, wait for it to calm down to prevent any form of attack. And if you notice some changes in behavior after such events, you should visit the veterinarian.

I Want to Relax in This Way

What causes a dog’s tongue to hang out when you don’t need to worry? Some dogs do it during sleep or when they are very relaxed. If you notice it when you rub the dog’s belly or hug it, this means that your four-legged friend is very calm and feels comfortable, which is a sign of trust. A dog with a tongue out are signs of safety and comfort next to you

Perhaps, Medication Caused It

What does it mean when a dog tongue sticks out due to medication? If you are just starting to give your dog a new drug, it could be a side effect of it. Discuss this issue with your veterinarian, and be sure that dose adjustments or you need to change the medication.

What Is Hanging Tongue Syndrome?

This syndrome is self-explanatory. This means that a dog tongue out may happen without any reasons. Small dog breeds are more prone to this condition because their tongues may be too large for their mouths, or the shape of their jawbones cannot support their tongue. However, dogs of all sizes can have this syndrome, which can occur later in your pet’s life as it gets older. It is usually a genetic result and is not a symptom of any more serious health problem. Another reason why your pet may have this condition is that its teeth have rotted or been pulled out due to improper oral care. This means that you may have to feed it soft foods and pay attention to the food for dental care.

Some Neurological Problems

If your dog suddenly develops hanging tongue syndrome and other strange behavior without a clear cause, it is most likely a symptom of some neurological issues. In such cases, take it to your vet immediately.

Dog Keeps Sticking Tongue Out: What to Do?

dog keeps sticking tongue out

If your pet’s breathing seems excessive and you notice its tongue out, you should check your pet. You can do a limited examination of your dog’s mouth at home, but it is better to visit your veterinarian, especially if your pet is in pain. If you notice any growths or lumps in your dog’s mouth, or some missing teeth, or red and sore gums, a veterinarian’s review is especially important. These conditions need to be treated as early as possible due to a diagnosis made by your veterinarian. They would use appropriate medications to treat infections, metabolic and immune-mediated diseases, and nutritional disorders, and use some, supplements, and diets that are appropriate for treating your dog.

My Dog’s Tongue Is Sticking Out: How to Prevent It in Future

  • If the cause is shortness of breath, you can adjust your pet’s exercise and play plan to allow it to rest and maintain a proper temperature to prevent it from overheating.
  • If the cause is a dental disease at any stage, treating and maintaining your pet’s oral health are the steps you need to take to keep your dog from sticking out his tongue due to inflammation. By paying more attention to where your pet trains, and trying to control what it eats or explores, you can prevent inflammation caused by toxic plants and chemicals.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t control cancer prevention, but regular veterinary checkups would help detect any suspicious lesions in your dog’s mouth. Keep it away from puppies with visible papillomas because they can spread. Home screening would also help identify these bumps and conditions at an early stage.

A problem detected in time has many advantages for further treatment:

  • High chance of recovery;
  • The situation would not worsen and would not cause other concomitant diseases;
  • Initial treatment is much cheaper.

Therefore, be attentive to any changes in your pet. If you have already encountered such a problem, then share in the comments the cost of the treatment and how long it lasted!

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