Feb. 12.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

Dog Left in the Rain Causes Controversy

dog in the rain

The other day when it was cold and raining, one woman noticed a dog standing outside and howling all day. She clarified this was not the first time the owners left their dog alone outside the house.

It generated a lot of discussions. Someone advised calling the special service because then the owner would know he was being watched and in the future would not do it again. Others said we don’t know the circumstances that forced him to do this, at least he left some food to it. However, there is no excuse for such behavior of the owner: if you bought a dog, then you should be responsible for taking care of it.

People neglect their pets for several reasons: they don’t have money for their maintenance, for example, feeding and going to the vet; they are going through a difficult period in life and they don’t want to do anything at all or they just don’t care. But if you suddenly saw a dog that is alone and sad, it needs a person who can protect it and there is nothing wrong with calling a special person from animal control. Most people are afraid of laws and being punished, so they will obey. And some people just needed advice and after that will take better care of their dog. By the way, did you know the Netherlands is considered the only country in the world where there are no stray animals? It’s all because there is punishment for the cruelty and even taxes on the maintenance of pets.

All these factors force people to weigh more seriously the desire to have pets at their house. In some countries, such as Sweden and Norway, the amount of taxes will depend on the size of the dog. And you will need to pay extra insurance in case of an attack. In Germany, the tax is 150 euros for the first dog and 300 for the second (in China, for example, it is allowed to have only one).

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