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Why Do Dogs Kiss You and How to Stop Such a Behavior: Read about All Possible Reasons

Why Do Dogs Kiss You

What do dog kisses mean? Have you ever wondered how often you ask yourself this question? With dogs, not everything is as simple as with people. If a kiss in humans means friendship and love, then dogs may have several possible reasons. By the way, these kisses are different. The dog just starts licking your hand, leg, or face. Today we will talk about the reasons for a dog’s behavior licking, and show you how to stop it if it happens too often. Enjoy reading!

Dog Licking: Meaning

Dog Licking: Meaning
Little dog licks human face. Man with his dog playing in the park. Owner hugs his pet.

We will analyze the most common reasons that do not cause any doubts. However, knowing about them does not mean being able to recognize them. Therefore, be careful with your pet, and if something worries you, seek help from your veterinarian.

Sorry, It Is in My DNA

When the puppies are small, their mother licks them constantly, which is a sign of their mother’s concern. The puppies repeat this skill in adulthood. So, do dogs lick to show love? It rather takes care of you, dogs try to help you to be clean, just like someone did when they were young. In addition, this instinct, embedded in the DNA, helps the pet to explore its surroundings.

I Want to Show My Affection

Do dogs lick for affection? Yes. it is quite a possible reason. If you come home, and the dog runs to you and begins to lick you, then it is very glad to see you. In a dog’s mind, this process releases endorphins. This means that it is happy. If you are upset, your dog may kiss you to reduce your stress levels. Your psychological state is directly related to your pet’s mood. In this way, it helps you and shows affection.

I Need Some Help

Kissing is not always positive. It can mean that your dog needs help. It happens when the dog:

  • needs attention;
  • scared;
  • punished;
  • offended;
  • not feeling well, and etc.

Licking can be accompanied by mournful whining, tail lifting, restless and noisy behavior. Try to calm the animal down. Let the dog sit with you and pet it.

You Are Only Mine

Why do dogs kiss you? Another common reason is the desire to own you. Licking a person’s face or hand, the dog puts a certain mark, leaves a unique smell, declaring that you belong only to it. If at the same time the animal wipes itself on your legs, it means a fit of jealousy. The dog is afraid that someone else is claiming you. Moreover, it may not necessarily be another pet, for example, a friend, mother, etc.

You Smell Bad

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, distinguishing up to two million odors. During the day, a person is in contact with a huge number of things, objects. If some of the extraneous aromas do not like the dog, it would do its best to get rid of it by licking you. Let the dog protect you, it is extremely important for it. The pet acts on the instinct to hide you from the owner of this scent so that they do not come for you.

Let’s Play

Why is the dog giving kisses and jumping near me? Dogs are mobile, sociable, playful animals, happy to run after the ball, frolic with toys. If the pet wants to play, it would signal this in every possible way, including licking. In order to satisfy the pet’s need, it is important to ensure that it has favorite toys that can be licked. By the way, read what toys are most suitable for your dog.

Are Dog Licks Really Kisses and How to Stop it?

Are Dog Licks Really Kisses and How to Stop it?

Licks are really dog kissing. However, if the dog kisses you too often, then you need to resort to behavior correction. Never scold or punish your pet. Try the methods above:

  • Change your hand cream or body lotion. Dogs do not like the scent of citrus fruits, and they are unlikely to lick you with the same pleasure. The cardinal measure is natural lemon juice, which is extremely disliked by animals.
  • Ignore the dog’s actions. If your pet licks you while you pet it, stop petting immediately. If this does not help, go to another room, say “Fu” loudly. Adhere to this tactic of behavior every time the incident repeats, over time, the addiction would disappear.
  • Praise your dog for good behavior. A common reason a dog licks a person is to get your attention. Do not deprive it of such pleasure, play with it more often, stroke it, let it lie down next to you in the evening.
  • Stick to consistency. If you decide to wean you from “dog kissing”, do not change your mind, ask other family members to support you in retraining.
  • Make sure your pet spends enough energy. You need to spend more time with the dog outdoors, encouraging running and outdoor games.

Our little advice: If the habit has appeared suddenly and cannot be corrected, the vet should check the dog. Perhaps, it requires medical attention. Be attentive to your four-legged friends. See you soon!

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