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What Jobs Do Dogs Have: List of the Most Popular and Helpful Works

Popular Dog Jobs

If it begins to seem to you that your pet’s life is too monotonous, and it only knows how to eat, sleep and gnaw its toys, then you need a rest with your four-footed friend. Dogs not only brighten up our days and surround us with care, but can also protect us in times of danger. Many dog jobs are often associated with danger and high responsibility, so intensive training is an integral part of their routine. If you are thinking about giving your dog a job then check out the possible list below.

What Jobs Do Dogs Have?

There are different types of jobs for dogs, that is why it is important to consider all the characteristics of your breed and health issues. This would help you choose the most optimal activity option for your pet, which it would 100% cope with and enjoy the process.

Police Work

Dog Job Police

Police work for dogs is a big responsibility and the pet would need daily training and regular check-ups by the veterinarian. As a rule, if the dog is more than a year old, then the chance of serving in the police is 1% because puppies are selected and trained by special dog handlers from an early age. Quite often, there are whole generations of dogs, for example, in the pedigree, there may be 2-3 generations who also served in the police. This is not only patrolling the streets but also helping to arrest criminals. Most often, representatives of the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Doberman Pinscher, etc. most often become police dogs.

Searching Work

Dog Job Searching

Searching is also in the dog jobs list and has a close connection to the police. The fact that dogs have an excellent scent is not a secret, so the police, border, and other services often use them to search for explosives, corpses, people, drugs, and more. If your puppy has a sharper nose than its other siblings, then you can feel free to contact an experienced dog handler and develop this ability. The same breeds that are suitable for the police service most often and become good sniffers.


Dog Job Herding

If you are our regular reader or are interested in different breeds of dogs, you probably noticed that quite often the main purpose of breeds was herding. Nowadays, there are not many farms or pastures, but they do exist, and dogs are still used to guard livestock, so it is one of the top dog jobs. The most popular breeds for this job are the Border Collie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Australian Shepherd.


Dog Job Hunting

In ancient times and partly in the Middle Ages, hunting was not entertainment, but a way of survival, but now times have changed. If you have a hunting permit, it would be great to have your dog as a helper. There are about 50 hunting breeds in the world. Among the main qualities that they must possess for such jobs for dogs are physical endurance, discipline, intelligence, and affection for the owner. Such qualities are possessed by Bloodhound, Beagle, and Dachshund, etc.

Rescue Work

Dog Job Rescue

Rescue jobs dogs pets do for people that need some help in emerging situations. For example, water rescue. A dog must not only be strong, enduring, swim well, be able to grab a person without harming them, but also recognize a swimmer in trouble and rush to help without a command. Therefore, not everyone succeeds in training all these qualities, but if possible, you can even leave such a dog to look after the children on the river bank during a picnic. The most commonly used are Newfoundlands.


Dog Job Secure

Finding the right job for your dog can be not an easy task. And it is not at all necessary that it serves in the police or the rescue service because you can entrust your pet with an equally important task, for example, guarding your house. Not all breeds are perfect for such a mission, some cannot live in an open-air cage in the yard, and others simply do not have the qualities of a good guard. The best guards are the Great Pyrenees, Alaskan Husky, and Pit Bull, etc.


Dog Job Guide

What are dogs used for? Many people would answer that we need dogs to provide support and show love, but what if we say that this can be their job? There are people who need our help a little more than others, and guide dogs provide them with daily support. They help blind people move around the city, cross the road, and do other things that would be difficult for them to cope with. Poodles, Labradoodles, and Labradors are best suited for this job.


Dog Job Therapy

Therapies are unique dog jobs, and the main goal is to make people feel better. You can see such pets walking through the hallways of hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, and nursing, etc. They make people feel comfortable with physical contact that they may not be used to, thereby making their treatment easier. Only a special puppy can be chosen for this job, and it must be very gentle and calm like Pomeranian or Pug.


Dog Job Talismans

In the USA, it is customary to designate a dog as a university or college symbol. Their images are printed on local stamps, T-shirts and even used on flags of educational institutions. Bulldogs are especially popular for such top jobs for dogs. What is the symbol of your college? Share in the comments.

Races and Shows

Dog Job Races and Shows

Jobs that dogs have can be in different shows and sport, and it can be possible only if your pet enjoys the whole process. For example, races were invented more than two hundred years ago and are still practiced in many countries. The dogs run across the stadium after the artificial rabbit, and the fastest wins. The Greyhound is considered the most successful breed for it. As you can imagine for yourself, good dog jobs can be varied, but they are all responsible and benefit the dog, you, or society. At first, it is very important to find an experienced dog handler who can develop your pet’s abilities. However, if something does not work out for your pet, then this is not a reason to love it less and torment it with training further. Maybe it just doesn’t have the right temperament for the job. We are all different and so are dogs. Do you know personally dogs that work somewhere? Share in the comments!

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