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Dog Grooming for Matted Hair

dematting a dog

Dematting a dog can be considered an unpleasant addition to the beauty of any long-haired dog. Whether you like it or not, the pet drops its hair. Also, a four-legged dog should walk, play in the fresh air and swim in the ponds, which affects the condition of the coat. Have a fluffy friend — so buy a dog matted hair detangler, you will need it for sure.

Before Matted Dog Hair Removal

Lumps of hair on the dog’s body are commonly called knots. The cause of knots is a 90% lack of care and 10% metabolic disorder. During walks, especially in the autumn period or in wooded areas, the animal’s coat gets grass seeds, small thorns, or twigs, which are entangled with the coat in a few hours. For fluffy dogs, such as Caucasian sheepdogs, a matted dog hair remedy is necessary during each shedding.

Hosts of long-haired breeds will confirm that combing once a day during the coat change is not enough. Bathing in water, soaking in the rain, playing with congeners, work on grazing, or guarding the territory – almost any active action leads to wool entanglement. Daily combing of the pet’s coat will remove mats from dog fur, but in practice, it is almost unreal. Dogs with liver, hormone system, metabolism, or gastrointestinal disorders are more prone to coat tangling.

The most common reason for hair tangling is the untimely combing of undercoats during shedding. The problem is solvable – get good, quality brushes, and spare no effort. It is much easier to avoid knots than cutting matted dog hair.

How Dangerous Are Knots?

how to detangle dog hair

In addition to the loss of appearance, a dog with a tangled coat suffers physically. Knotted hair is also tangled with live hair, which is in a constantly strained state. If the knot is clinging to the claw, the dog is in pain.

Stray animals that have no one to care for, die of exhaustion. The constant pain keeps the stray dog from sleeping, the tightened coat stiffens the movement, and the dog spends too much effort to find food. As a result, the animal is covered with a continuous layer of knots and becomes helpless.

A tangled coat breaks thermal regulation, especially during hot seasons when it is already hot for a fluffy animal. The skin under the knots is constantly overly moisturized, resulting in dermatitis and eczema, while the stale smell attracts mites and fleas.

Types of Dog Hair Knot Removal Tools

cutting matted dog hair

Most novice dog breeders come into a slight puzzlement when they realize that choosing the right knot cutter is a whole science. The tool should be convenient for you, not to bring discomfort to your pet and not to hit the family budget, so what to choose? Start with the “sifting” of knots cutters of the type:

  • Vertical – a comb with sharpened blades instead of teeth. The backside of the teeth is rounded and safe, in some models, the tips of the blades are bent into a hook.
  • Horizontal – the brush is similar to an ordinary wool care device, but instead of many small teeth, there are fixed sharp curved blades.
  • Drop-shaped – usually consists of one or two short, rounded blades. It is intended to remove matted hair from dog ears, on the paws, and other dangerous areas.

How to Detangle Dog Hair

dog grooming for matted hair

Note that the algorithm below works only with fresh knots. If the case is neglected, you have to cut it completely. It is radical, but it is fast and almost painless. The method is recommended if the knots have a large area, cause obvious pain or you suspect that the lump is inhabited by parasites. The haircut is also relevant if there are eczemas or other diseases underneath the knot. Dematting a dog is necessary to treat their skin.

We recommend that you treat tangled hair with a solution or knots combing powder (optional). Typically, liquid products consist of water and silicone and are quick to dry and odorless. After treatment, the matted wool becomes more elastic.

Vertical detanglers are more suitable for long hair dogs with large knots. How to use this scary tool? It’s very simple – lift a knot at the base and tear it apart with smooth, progressive movements. Keep your fingers free to hold the base of the living coat, otherwise, the dog will be hurt. For a semi-long-haired dog, you can use the horizontal brush. Gently, in a few approaches, remove matted hair from a dog, dissolving it into pieces.

Brush former knots with a com until the coat is completely separated. Fully brush your dog and use a filleting comb or scissors to level out where the knuckles have been. After cutting matted dog hair, try to brush your dog daily. Avoid repeating it, because frequent use of dog matted hair detangler spoils the appearance of the coat.

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