Nov. 15.2021

What Stores Can I Take My Dog into: List of the Most Popular

what stores can i take my dog into

Has it ever happened that you are walking the dog and you need to go to the store? Or you just don’t want to leave your pet alone at home? Unfortunately, not all shops welcome visiting with your four-legged friends. Therefore, you need to consider a few tips:

  • Your dog may not like to go shopping and if it does, then you shouldn’t force it to.
  • The pet can behave unpredictably and create problems. Usually large breeds do not like shopping.
  • If your dog hasn’t yet been socialized and learned the basic commands, shopping can be stressful and anxious.
  • You can’t let your dog off the leash in the store, and if you have a large breed, you should also consider a muzzle.
  • Also, the administration of the store may ask for your dog’s vaccination passport at the entrance.

So let’s find out the list of dog friendly stores in the US.

What Stores Can I Take My Dog into?

Grocery stores that allow dogs are rare. Honestly, it is quite logical, because if in other stores there are mainly products that may not interest your pet, then there are a lot of temptations in the grocery store. Of course, well-trained dogs would not throw themselves on cuts of meat or sausages in the store, but no one can guarantee this 100%. Do you think there is another reason? Grocery stores are often huge and your visit is delayed for more than half an hour and your pet may just get tired and try to escape. An exception is often made for small dog breeds that can be carried by hand or carried. The point is that they would not be able to harm the store. Below you would see lists of different stores where you can buy anything and, moreover, consult with your four-legged friend.

Ace Hardware

grocery stores that allow dogs

Ace Hardware has over 5000 stores worldwide, and most of them are independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. Their policy allows you to take your dog with you but it should be on a leash. These dog friendly shops offer a wide variety of paints, lawn and gardening tools, local niche services, and just about anything a large hardware store has. So ask your pet for help in choosing a new color.


These dog friendly chain stores offer a variety of clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, beauty products, and gifts. In over 200 locations around the world, many women buy gifts and cool home decorations here. It leaves the pet policy to the manager on duty, so be sure to call the location ahead of time to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990, and for now it is one of the largest retailers of bathroom products in the US. Unfortunately, it has become less popular but it still sells billions of bathroom products every year. In these stores you can take your dog, if it is a small breed.

Free People

dog friendly grocery stores

Free People sells women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, lingerie, and swimwear. They even have a passion for beauty, and health products. This store has dozens of branches in the US, and all of them are in the list of dog friendly stores.

Apple Store

On the long days of working at home, your furry “helper” sleeps at your feet and accompanies you. While they may not be able to write emails for you, they can join you when they need to update your laptop or iPhone. While there is no “official” policy on the Internet, the Apple Store allows dogs to be placed in most stores. If you decide to take your four-legged friend with you, make sure you choose less busy times, as crowded small shops can make it difficult for your friends to navigate.


Stores that are dog friendly. After all, this is a snack, toy and goodies shop for your pets, so why can’t they have some fun together? Puppies must be tied to a leash or caged and their vaccination status must be updated. Also, they may not ask you for proof, but keep it on your phone just in case.


All these stores are allowed to walk dogs all year round. L When you visit a retail store and sign up for their Dog Club program, you will receive a surprise gift. In addition, when you purchase supplies and equipment from it, you earn points through the club program. So, here you can enjoy time with your pet and have a good discount for it.

Home Depot

dog friendly stores US

Are dogs allowed in Home Depot stores? Yes, but only on a leash. So whether you decide to remodel your kitchen, decorate your backyard, or change the lighting to improve your mood, this home improvement store can meet all your needs with a dog.


Do you need to buy a new pair of shoes? You can go with your dog to Nordstrom, a dog shop that’s been around for over 30 years. If your dogs are well-trained, they can have their opinion for your new wardrobe. If you’re in New York, keep an eye out for their canine social event where your pet can make new friends and have fun. Sometimes, it is even better than dog parks, isn’t it?

Half Price Books

When store officials announced that employees could bring their dogs to work, they soon had to impose a restriction of two puppies in each store because many people accepted their offer. While most of them do accept dogs, each store has its own pet policy, so be sure to call ahead to avoid minor misunderstandings. Most importantly, do not forget about your pet’s vaccination passport so that you can present it in any case. Imagine you opened dog friendly grocery stores chain, what rules would you set there? We think it would be cool to set up a special zone before dogs, but it is very risky if your pet is not socialized and can rush to another dog. Do you think it would be appropriate to limit the number of dogs in the store at the same time? It would be necessary to take into account the size of the store, because if there are about 5 dogs in a small room, this is too much, isn’t it? When you and your pet were asked to leave, write the name of this store in the comments so that our other readers can avoid a similar unpleasant situation. Spending time with your pet is not only fun, but also useful, take it with you to the store, it may like it!

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