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Dog Eye Wash Rules

eye wash for dogs

The eyes are not only the “mirror of the soul” of an animal but also an extremely sensitive, delicate organ, any damage of which is fraught with a serious disability of a pet. In this article, we will list eight mandatory rules of eye wash for dogs. By following them, you will protect your pet’s eyes from most ophthalmological pathologies.

Breeds That Require Dog Eye Cleaner

If your pet belongs to the breeds listed below, his eyes require special care:

  • All brachycephalic breeds with a flattened face. They have convex eyes “on the rolling out”, which often traumatize their eyeballs.
  • Cocker Spaniels, Shar Peis, Bassetts, Bloodhounds. All these dogs have a congenital predisposition to the wrap of the eyelid.
  • All long-haired breeds in cases of “bangs” above the eyes.

Daily Cleaning around Dogs Eyes Rules

best way to clean dog's eyes

To minimize any pathology associated with the eyes, you need at least once every two or three days (but better – every day) to perform simple procedures:

  • Examination of the corners of the eyes is the first step. All crusts (dried out tear fluid) and other types of impurities should be removed from these places. It is advisable to do this with an ordinary cotton disk, soaked in a warm physiological solution. If a dog is prone to constant tears (all brachycephalic breeds), it is better to use a furacin solution to prevent inflammation and skin irritation for this purpose. Note that it is better to use a separate disc for each eye. Otherwise, there is a possibility of different infections.
  • Examine the skin around the eyes and gently cut off overgrown hair. The less ‘overgrown’ you get, the less likely it is that a pile of hairs will get into the conjunctival cavity.
  • Gently “pull out” the lashes, removing too long and poorly held lashes. In the most “lucky” case, even a single eyelash can provoke the development of serious conjunctivitis.

How to Flush a Dog’s Eye for Problem Breeds

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All the breeds that were listed at the very beginning of the article can be referred to as “problematic.” Their eyes are cared for with standard methods, but there are certain nuances:

  • Bulldogs and other brachycephalic breeds have an innate predisposition to constant tears, and it is advisable to cut the hair around their eyes regularly. Every two or three days, the skin in the most moisturized places should be lubricated with baby cream. It will prevent the development of inflammation and irritation.
  • In Cockers, Shar Pei, and others, it is necessary to examine the eyes daily and carefully to notice in time the beginning of eyelid closure. Upon detection of the first signs of pathology (severe lacrimation, photophobia) you should be immediately reported to the veterinarian. At home, this disease can not be cured.

How to Clean a Dog’s Eye from Foreign Objects

how to flush a dog's eye

If in the eyes of a pet got sand, stubble plants, or other pollutants, you need:

  • Use the same cotton pads (if possible) to remove the largest particles.
  • You can try to wash the dirt with a warm physiological solution or a furacin solution as an eye cleaner for dogs with a regular pipette.

As you can see, the best way to clean dog’s eyes is to give them regular attention. This way, you can detect injuries and illnesses at an early stage and be able to provide timely care. The main precaution is not to use solvents that can damage the mucous membrane of the eye. In general, if you are able, it is best to call your vet or go to the veterinary clinic yourself. The eyes are too important to ignore their flaws. Read more about how to care about dog’s eyes here.

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