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Dog cage in the house?

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Wild relatives of dogs rest in their natural habitat in burrows where they feel at peace and safety. No wonder dogs still have the instinct to settle in a place where no one will bother them if possible. A dog bed doesn’t always provide comfort as it doesn’t protect your pet from intrusive children. We recommend a caged house as a place for your pet. It’s a cozy, separate home and your puppy’s or adult dog’s corner, and it’s a safety net as well as a caretaker. Let’s talk about this in more detail!

The cage is a cozy house for your dog

A cage is not a punishment, but a cozy house for your dog, where he will rest in peace. Even the most domestic and loving dog needs its own “burrow”, in which he can be secluded and not afraid to be disturbed. A dog bed will not provide such privacy, but a caged house will. If a dog wants to rest, be alone, he can go into his cage at any time and no one will bother him. This is especially important if you have a large family or have frequent visitors. Having the opportunity to be alone is just as important to our pets as it is to us. Lack of privacy is a direct pathway to stress and behavioral problems.

Make sure you put soft and comfortable bedding at the bottom of the cage. Your dog should be as comfortable and pleasant in his cage as you are in your bedroom.

The cage is a guarantee of safety

A dog cage is the same as a playpen for a child. If you have a small puppy in your home, we strongly recommend buying a cage for him. A huge number of hazards: cables, plastic toys, foams, sharp objects are waiting for a curious puppy in the house. He can easily get hurt, especially if you are absent and can not keep an eye on him. The cage allows you to solve this problem by controlling your pet’s movements and keeping him safe.

Puppy cages

The cage is a guarantee of good behavior. As well as the puppy’s safety, the cage house also provides safety for your belongings and furniture. A caged pet will not chew on shoes or chairs in your absence and will be even more confident by feeling safe.

The caged house is an effective way to get your dog used to walk

Perhaps that’s one of the main advantages of a cage house. Dogs never poop in their place, which means that a caged pet will patiently wait for the owner to take him outside. However, puppies go to the toilet every 2-4 hours, so you shouldn’t lock them in a cage for long.

There are plenty of cages for dogs in the pet shops, so check out the models carefully. We recommend choosing cages made of high-quality stainless steel, compact, without sharp angles, and easy to fold, which is very convenient for transportation and participation in exhibitions.

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