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Bad Behavior in Dogs and How to Deal with Dog Behavior Problems

bad behavior in dogs

The behavior of a dog is the result of the manifestation of numerous conditioned and unconditioned reflexes to all kinds of stimuli of the external and internal environment. So dog behavior problems depend on many factors, but mainly on the conditions of raising and training the dog, that is why many dog handlers insist on early socialization of the pet. Today we will look at the most common of them and how you can deal with them.

What Are Common Dog Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems in dogs should be known because if you don’t do anything to correct them, it can get under control.

puppy behavior problems


The dog can dig due to:

  • Boredom or excess energy;
  • Anxiety or fear;
  • Hunting instinct;
  • Search for comfort.

If your pet is constantly digging holes, you definitely need to determine the cause and then try to eliminate that source. If you fail to correct this behavior, then allocate the dog a certain area in the backyard and teach it to dig only there.

unacceptable dog behaviors


Dogs bark and this is normal, but sometimes it is excessive, then it is already considered a problem and the cause has to be determined. Perhaps it is:

  • Warning;
  • Playfulness;
  • Anxiety;
  • Boredom;
  • Demanding attention.

Most often, behavioral issues in dogs are corrected by learning the silence commands. But this is only a temporary measure because if the pet is worried about something, you must deal with it.

common dog behavior problems


Anxiety also applies to puppy behavior problems, and it usually manifests itself in conjunction with other problems – barking, chewing, defecation, etc. Signs also often include such situations:

  • Your pet starts to worry if you are going to go somewhere;
  • After you leave for half an hour, the dog shows symptoms of anxiety;
  • The dog tries not to move far away from you and tries to constantly touch or kiss (lick) you.

In severe cases, the veterinarian can prescribe medication, but usually, it is corrected with special exercises.

behavioral issues in dogs


Quite often, jumping can be a sign of welcoming people or showing dominance. However, it can be dangerous, especially if you have a large breed. If you don’t want your pet to do it, then ignore such manifestations, do not make eye contact. And only after the dog has calmed down, you can approach it.

how to deal with dog behavior problems


Begging is bad behavior in dogs, but many ​​owners encourage it. This can lead to digestive problems and obesity. Pets ask because they love food, and don’t understand why they need to have some restrictions. Yes, it is difficult to resist, however, if you do not respond to begging from your pet, it will not ask for more food than it needs to satisfy its hunger.

behavior problems in dogs


Dogs can bite someone for a variety of reasons:

  • Fear;
  • Protection of territory;
  • Pain or illness;
  • To show its dominant position;
  • Predatory instinct.

Such dog behavior problems and solutions are in the hands of owners and breeders because only they can help reduce the tendency of any type of pet to bite through proper training, socialization, and breeding practice.

dog behavior problems

Improper Urination

It is one of the most unpleasant and unacceptable dog behaviors. It is very important that you discuss this behavior with your veterinarian in order to rule out health problems. If no medical cause is found, it can lead to the following:

  • Mark territory;
  • Anxiety;
  • Demanding attention;
  • Lack of proper space to empty the house.

Unwanted bowel movements are unavoidable in puppies, especially before 12 weeks of age. Adult dogs are the result of your training, therefore, pay extra attention in order to train the dog in the correct behavior.

How to Deal with Dog Behavior Problems?

  • Some bad behavior may be the result of energy suppression. Giving your dog more exercise can help expend energy so that it doesn’t misbehave, and strengthens your bond with your pet so that it is more likely to follow you and obey your commands.
  • Many types of bad behavior are designed to attract attention. If you ignore this behavior, the dog will not receive the attention it deserves and its behavior will change over time. This includes avoiding yelling and punishing the dog’s behavior because even bad attention is the kind of attention the dog wants.
  • Some seemingly bad behavior is actually a dog’s instinct and cannot completely stop this behavior. Instead, redirect your dog to a more appropriate option, such as providing safe chew toys or allowing digging in a specific area so your other possessions and yard do not receive unnecessary attention.
  • For some behaviors, communication may be all that is needed to correct the behavior. The more a dog is accustomed to different sounds and smells, the less likely it is to react sharply to new sensations. More aggressive exposure would help your dog adapt to different environmental conditions, thereby minimizing any bad behavior.
  • Working with a coach.

In extreme cases, you may need to work with a trainer and correct dog behavior problems. A trainer can provide you with many options for managing bad behavior and can help you find the best way for your dog to stop it from behaving badly. What common dog behavior problems does your pet have, and did you manage to cope with them? Share in the comments!

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