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Non-alcoholic Beer for Dogs: What’s It Made from and What Are Popular among Dogs’ Owners

where can i buy dog beer

You may know a dog owner who shares a beer with their pet from time to time without any noticeable negative consequences, as some dogs like the taste of beer. But can a dog drink beer? Alcohol can be very dangerous for dogs, even in limited quantities. Dogs can suffer from alcohol poisoning and experience the same negative effects as people receiving ethanol in much lower doses. If you love beer as much as your dog and want to share a cold drink with your best friend. For such occasions, there is a commercial dog beer available for sale. We will tell you about this in more detail.

Is There Beer for Dogs?

Regular beer containing ethanol is toxic to dogs but different ideas often come to people’s minds, such as making a non-alcoholic beer for dogs. Of course, the meaning of the production of such drinks is not entirely clear, and they could have had a completely different name. Nevertheless, there is a special beer for dogs, which, according to manufacturers, is safe for animals and does not lead to intoxication.

Beer for dogs: what’s it made from?

Beer for Dogs: What’s It Made From?

It should be noted right away that beer for dogs is without alcohol content and non-carbonated. The basis of drinks is meat, most often beef or chicken broth. The recipe does not include products harmful to dogs, which include, for example, onions, salt, fat. The drinks were named beer, probably because the composition includes barley malt, which gives the animal’s coat the sheen. Drinks contain B vitamins, Vitamin E, as well as glucosamine, which is essential for joint health. Not without preservatives, which are citric acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

Where Can I Buy Dog Beer?

non-alcoholic beer for dogs

You can Google it and find a store that sells such a beer or order it online on the internet. We would like to dwell on another point. We have prepared a list of the most popular beer brands.

BarkBrew Beef Ale

Besides the interesting design of the bottle itself, this beer is a great choice for your pet. Incidentally, it has an interesting beef flavor. By the way, beer producers have come up with another way to give it to your pet, especially in hot summer weather. You can pour this beer into an ice cube tray to make pet beer flakes and freeze them safely. The natural composition is harmless.

Beer Paws Party Packs

This beer has the same benefits as the previous ones. However, it also contains vegetarian glucosamine, which may help promote joint health in dogs. You can also choose special dog snacks for this beer. Ask for advice in the store, you will be happy to help you find them. This brand of beer is not so long on the market, but quickly became popular and has positive reviews from satisfied dog owners.

Sampler Pack

If your pet has stomach problems and any food allergies, then this beer may be right for you. There are different flavor variations: pork, beef, chicken peanuts. Incidentally, its creators have a dog that had health problems. This prompted them to make beer.

Flat12 Paws Dog Brew

This beer is made from meat bones, as well as carrots, potatoes, and brewer’s yeast, which are boiled for three hours. Then the mixture is mixed in a keg with the wort, the liquid is extracted as from the process of brewing alcoholic beer.

Happy Dog Beer

Brewed in Montana, this beer is made from grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. When buying beer for gifts, you can add a short note that will be added as a handwritten gift tag addressed to the recipient.

In any case, beer is not a necessary food for your pet. Check with your veterinarian before giving beer to your dog. Perhaps your dog has some kind of contraindication. Do you give beer to your dog? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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