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I Need Help, My Dog Ate a Sock: Is It Harmful and How to Get It to Throw Up the Sock

dog ate cloth

Everyone knows that dogs, especially at a young age, are very curious. They will try to chew on everything that is out of place. Anything can suffer from your pet’s teeth: blankets, children’s toys, shoes, chair legs. However, most often on the Internet, there are questions from the owners: “Should I panic if my dog ate a sock”? After all, it’s one thing to gnaw, and another to swallow a thing. Trust us such situations happen every day. What are the consequences of such an act? Please be patient, we will answer all the questions in our article. We will also tell you what to do in such a situation. Enjoy reading!

Why Does My Dog Eat Socks?

Your dog ate a sock for two reasons. First, it could have happened by accident. Sometimes the pet can confuse such things with food. And second, they miss you. If in the first case you need to be more careful, then we would like to dwell on the second in more detail. Any item you wear retains your scent. So don’t be surprised if your dog ate cloth but your socks are more likely to suffer. Why this particular piece of wardrobe? Socks are worn on bare feet and therefore your scent remains more persistent. In this way, they try to get your attention, as if they say: “I miss you so much, and you are not even playing with me.”

How can you prevent this? First, don’t leave your belongings anywhere. Yes, dear men, with the presence of a dog at home, you should forget the habit of throwing socks around. Second, try to walk and play with your dog more often so that it doesn’t waste energy on ruining your clothes.

What to Do If Your Dog Swallowed a Sock?

It doesn’t matter, even if your dog swallowed underwear, not a sock, it can be dangerous. The further scenario depends on the circumstances of the incident. Let’s take a look at two suggested options.

  1. If this happened in front of your eyes, then first of all it is necessary to induce vomiting in the dog. To do this, the pet can be given a strong solution of salt, or the same salt can be poured onto the root of the tongue. You can induce vomiting, and just flood a large amount of water. In this case, consider the size of your dog. The larger the breed, the more water. However, this will be difficult to do. After all, you will not drink about 2 liters of water if you are not thirsty, will you? We recommend that you draw water into a syringe without a needle. Then fix the pet so that it does not move. And gently pour the water from the syringe into the dog’s mouth to prevent choking. If you do everything right, the sock will soon come out along with the vomit.
  2. If the dog swallowed a sock, and some time has passed or it has not come out with vomit, it is better to wait until the wardrobe item comes out naturally. Laxatives can be given to speed up the process. The simplest is vaseline oil, at the rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of animal weight. It’s easy to calculate. if your dog weighs 45 kg, then give 45 ml. After giving the laxative, carefully examine the piles left by your pet on the ground to make sure the sock eaten comes out.

Dog ate a sock but is acting normal? Believe me, this is not a reason to relax. If your pet hasn’t come out of the sock within one to two days, be sure to contact your veterinarian. Your dog may need surgery.

An interesting life fact! The Great Dane was operated in the United States. Veterinarians were shocked by this incident as they retrieved 87 socks. The socks accumulated in the stomach until it was clogged and outward symptoms began to appear. The dog was put on a strict diet.

What to Do If a Puppy Swallowed a Sock?

The puppy is just developing immunity, and the organs are much smaller than that of an adult dog. You can use the recommendations described above for dogs. However, we do not recommend waiting 1-2 days for the sock to come out through vomiting or naturally. If the puppy ate a sock and it doesn’t come out within 4-5 hours, go to the vet to avoid the consequences. This does not mean that your puppy will be operated on. Most likely, the veterinarian will examine and advise a more effective method that will help your pet.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up a Sock?

dog ate fabric

If your dog has not yet swallowed a sock, then the main thing is to react in time.

  • Do not raise your voice sharply, as the dog may get scared and swallow the thing.
  • Try to get the sock out of the mouth by stroking the fur.
  • You can distract your dog with a toy so that it wants to spit out the sock and switch to something new.
  • Look carefully around the room, perhaps the pet has already swallowed one of the socks, and this is the second attempt.

Of course, you cannot keep an eye on your dog 24/7. And a situation that your dog ate fabric can happen. The main thing is not to panic but strictly follow the recommendations that we have described above or call your veterinarian for advice. We wish that this does not happen to your pet. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon in our exciting new article!

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