Jul. 05.2020 | Updated: September 24, 2021

Does Your Dog Need a Bed?

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We are happy to choose comfortable beds, cushions, and houses for decorative dogs, as we can not imagine that a tiny pet sleeping in the hallway on a mat. But what about medium and large breeds? Do all dogs need beds or only decorative ones? Will large dogs be more comfortable on the floor? Let’s talk about it in our article.

And we’ll start immediately by breaking the main stereotype. Many ascetic dog owners believe that beds are overkill, invented for decorative pets, while natural hunters, guards, and fighters feel quite comfortable in harsh conditions, lying right on the bare floor. However, dog beds are not primarily designed for the comfort of pets (as many believe), but to maintain their health, strengthen their immune system and prevent disease.

In the future, the same ascetic host will wonder if his active four-legged friend has arthritis and why the big calluses have formed on his elbows. And that’s a direct consequence of the wrong conditions for the pet.

Yes, a dog can sleep on a thin mat in the hallway for several years or on a cold floor, and you won’t notice any trouble until he has joint problems or cystitis. As you know, the disease is better to prevent than to cure. It will be a great shame if your pet’s health is severely compromised by a host’s negligence. High-quality treatment requires significant material costs. Think again about the consequences of your desire to save money.

So, beds are necessary because they are:

  • protect your dog from drafts and colds;
  • prevent cystitis;
  • prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints, the most common of which are arthritis;
  • prevent the formation of elbow calluses, which will inevitably occur in a dog sleeping on a bare floor or a thin mat;

A bed is the peace, comfort, and quality of rest your dog deserves.

Be healthy and take care of your pets!

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